LYT's Film Pick of the Weekend 2-8-08


I'm slightly bummed. A new Colin Farrell action-comedy opened today, but not at The Block, so no midnight screening was to be had. Guess I'll have to find some other time that works, when the kiddies (mostly) won't be out in force.

Anyway, in case you haven't heard about this movie, don't be fooled by the title into thinking it's some kind of art-house flick. It's Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson hiding out in Bruges, which is a European town where my grandfather was once held as a German POW (yep, really). And they're both doing they're natural Irish accents for once, and talking shit, cursing a mile a minute like real Irishmen do.

Just like in the Harry Potter movies, Gleeson must help his young charge to defeat Ralph Fiennes, which is always a worthy goal, since Fiennes mostly sucks. But he's best as a villain — so long as he doesn't do that high-pitched Voldemort whine that's supposed to be frightening but sounds girlish — so there's hope for the man.

I hear there's midgets in this movie too. And Farrell karate-chops one of them. Enough said.

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