Love Groove 2012 at the American Sports University Theater on Feb. 18, 2012

Love Groove 2012
American Sports University Theater
Feb. 18, 2012

“Alcohol, drugs, overdrive, noise, neon lights, party people, can you feel it? Rave is king!”

Fukkk Offf's, “Rave is King” was the anthem of the 2012 edition of the Valentines Day party, Love Groove at the American Sports University Theater. The crowd was diverse in every way, bringing old school ravers and new school dubsteppers together via four different stages. The walls were lined with personal light shows, dubstep moshpits, scattered dancing pits, shuffling duels, dance-offs and light show face-offs.

Upon entering the American Sports University Theater, ravers were met by DJs spinning at Cupid's Mash-Up stage, which played electro house and indie dance. The Temple of Love served as the main stage, hosting trance and hard dance.

TyDi headlined with an hour and a half performance of his own style of progressive trance. He played to a packed arena with the ravers going crazy in a state of love. Others not into trance gazed in amazement. His energetic ambiance gave his set justice; he gave heart gestures to the crowd and threw his hands up as he were in heaven. tyDi poured more eneregy to the crowd as he jumped on to speakers. Lisa Lashes and Alex M.O.R.P.H served as suport as they each took the stage with an amazing light show and heart throbbing music. Donald Glaud performed a Sutra-esque, after-hours performance at 2 a.m, which kept the crowd on their toes with nonstop dancing.

The Arena of Passion featured electro and dubstep in a dark grungy gymnasium, reminiscent of an underground rave. Dirty dancers and filthy dubsteppers moved to the groove in the dark lit room featuring Fukkk Offf. Rave was king this night when he hit the stage with his dirty style of electro. With a smooth genre change, Mimosa took the stage playing the filthiest of filthy dubstep. he had the crowd going crazy like a hardcore concert. Reidspeed put the crowd in detox, while he got the after hours party started in the gymnasium

Outside on the ASU Theater's parking lot was the House of Lust stage featuring Indie Dance and more filthy Dubstep. With the crazy lights, it looked like it was some crazy street riot full of ravers on the street. This stage hosted Midnight Conspiracy, am Hulk and Jelo, with an after party performance by DJ set from Ladytron.

Love Groove was a moshpit of lesser known talent, which brought more people that are about the music. The last minute venue change worked in the favor of Motive Events, as the setting of the ASU Theater, gym and parking lot were prime locations for this massive.

Critics Bias

I entered Love Groove hating the underage crowd. I was proved wrong by liking the old school rave essence, opposed to a mainstream Insomniac massive.

Highlight of the night – tyDi

Disappointment of the night – Ladytron DJ Set

Mainstream performance of the night – Donald Glaude

Best after hours set – Helicopter Showdown

Remix of the night – Somebody That I Used To know (tyDi's set)

Most overplayed remixes – Skrillex remixes

Temple of Love:

Mr Brooks

Lady Faith



Alex Morph

Lisa Lashes


Donald Glaude


Arena of Passion:

adrian x

Swedish Egil


Anthony Wolf

The M Machine

Fukkk Offf



Helicopter Showdown


House of Lust:



Midnight Conspiracy

am Hulk



Cupid's Mash-Up:

Audio Junkie

atomic project

We bang


DJ Speks

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