Los Angeles Times Spin-Off OCLNN Shuts Down

The Orange County Local News Network, a site that pooled the resources of the Los Angeles Times and a San Diego-based start-up U.S. Local News Network, has ceased operations four months after it launched, according to the Orange County Business Journal.

Our previous coverage of the site is here and here.
In an email to the Weekly, Los Angeles Times VP of Communications Nancy Sullivan didn't say much about what had happened to the site.”OCLNN was a venture the Los Angeles Times Media Group undertook with USLNN in January,” Sullivan wrote. “It has run its course as of today.”
Reached over the phone, USLNN Associate Publisher Barbara Bry was tight-lipped as well. “We just made a business decision with our partner to close,” she said, adding that her company was still working with the Times to put out a print publication in San Diego, and that OCLNN staffers are currently looking for jobs.

That's right: more journalists out of work. If you know any, buy 'em a drink at one of the joints on OCLNN's not-bad-at-all (if coastal-centric) list of OC's top dive bars.

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