Lock Up Your Daughters' Weaponry

The Senate has decided that trigger locks suck. A trigger-lock mandate, part of a bill limiting the liability of gun manufacturers in liability cases, has been stricken from the language. Who wants to wait a few moments to fiddle with a mechanism in order to activate their gun? In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, “But I'm angry NOW!”

Here's a particularly adorable quote from the representative behind the move to make it easier to shoot people: Marilyn “M&M” Musgrave.
Read the article in yesterday's LA Times:

The Senate had voted 70-30 to impose the trigger lock sales mandate, which proponents said would prevent gun accidents and save lives, especially those of children who discover a parent's handgun.

But gun-rights advocates, led by Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., countered that the new requirement is “equivalent to a tax on citizens who purchase firearms.”

Well polish my barrel! A tax on good old down-homey gun owners. With taxes on cigarettes due to go up, not to mention alcohol taxes, it's nice to know that our government is more concerned about those who hurt others than those who hurt themselves.

I was busy checking out stopgunviolence.org for any relevant statistics when I realized it's actually based nearby; the website belongs to Orange County Citizens for the Prevention of Gun Violence, founded by Charles and Mary Leigh Bleck. In 1994 their son Matthew was killed during an attempted robbery in New York, and now the couple has relocated out here to further their message of prevention and harm reduction.
From stopgunviolence.org:

Firearms were involved in 179 Orange County deaths: 110 suicides, 63 homicides, three deaths during legal intervention, two deaths due to undetermined intent, and one accidental gun death.(2002 figures)

People are willing to pay the rising price of cigarettes, even as they reach what Dave Chapelle labels “crack prices”.
Gun owners regale us with tales of responsibility, maturity, depth of knowledge and general omniscience when it comes to the blunderbuss or musket hidden in the closet with the kids' christmas presents, the porn collection and dad's stash, but they're not willing to spend a little more on a product that'll keep an intruder (or spouse, or child) from pulling a trigger?
A penis is a warm gun; Happiness is a secure gun.

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