Local Music News Links: Snoop, Green Day, Runner Runner, Lucinda Williams

This week, we discovered another OC music magazine to link to. Guess what it's called! In local music news, we've got Runner Runner, Green Day, Snoop Dogg and more…


  • Before the perfectly coifed Huntington Beach pop punks of Runner Runner get on stage every night, they recite a quote from Step Brothers. What, no Talladega Nights? [OC Register]
  • “It was abundantly clear that Green Day IS classic rock.” So that explains why the Register reviewed their show. Meanwhile, the LA Times reports Billy Joe Armstrong announced he would run for CA governor, to which we say, please don't be joking, Billy. [OCR; LAT]
  • Slayer and Megadeth inspired their audience to violence in Long Beach. This probably counts as classic rock, too. [OCR]
  • Hurricane Katrina got a commemoration at a Lucinda Williams/Chrissie Hynde show in Long Beach. [OCR]
  • The LA Times gives five tips for bands to get radio play on KCRW, leading national treasure Hipster Runoff to label the station's programmer a “gatekeeperbro.” [LAT; HRO]
  • Another national–plus local–treasure, Snopp Dogg, announces the release of Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary. [LAT]
  • Download Voxhaul Broadcast's buzzed-about single from the OC ex-pats' forthcoming album. [Buzzbands LA]
  • Detroit Bar general manager Jason Husted reminisces about memorable shows, Hold Steady, Cold War Kids and Yeah Yeah Yeahs included. [OC Music Magazine]
  • Have you been wondering where Stacy Clark goes for sushi? Wonder no longer! [OCMM]
  • This review of Naked and Shameless at Puka Bar gets by by simply listing the band's profane song names for much of it, which, you know, why not? [Daily 49er]
  • You'll be happy to know that Dana Point's Something Corporate opened their LA show the same way they opened their OC one: With “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb. Incidentally, this is also how Faith No More opened their Coachella set. [D49er]
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