Local Music News Links: Local Natives, MGMT, Henry Clay People, Hindu Pirates

It's been a short week, so we have a short list for you of items on OC-music related items from other publications. Read on…


  • Local Natives named the “best singalong” of FYF Fest by the newspaper of record. [LA Times]

  • This review of We Are the Arsenal's new EP calls the Placentia quartet “one of the hardest-working bands in Orange County.” [OC Register]
  • The CEO of OC's Fearless Records¬†talks about why he hasn't been signing bands from OC. Hint: It's because there aren't that many he likes. [OC Music Magazine]
  • At the Coach House, local reggae act Common Sense drops two “fuck”-bombs (yeah, we're an edgy alt-weekly!) before apologizing to a kid in the front row and keeping it clean from there on out. [OCMM]
  • CalState Fullerton's newspaper delivers a scathing review of MGMT's Fox Pomona show, three months after it happened. [Daily Titan]
  • So there's some weird thing going on with LA music blogs that we don't really understand. Apparently someone so despised this one blog they started a contrarian blog with the persona of a hateful senior citizen. One of the posts is about Fullerton's Mississippi Man. The most interesting part is probably in the comments, where Mississippi Man weighs in and the blog author then addresses them as “Dr. Dog,” which, alright, is kind of funny. [Indie Villain]
  • Another contrarian blog says local act Pacific Hurt “is a baby step closer to representing an almost decent music scene,” which, alright, makes no sense. [The Ruffian]
  • Yorba Linda refugees Henry Clay People offer a free download of a new song. [Buzzbands LA]
  • Huntington Beach's Hindu Pirates gets a segment on this video from Metrogum, whatever that is. Skip to the 5:00 mark.

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