Little Sparrow On Best New Restaurant Tomorrow!

It must be one of those weeks, because it isn't often when we can root for a team in a sport we understand. Competitive cooking challenges can be just as nail-biting as the final minute in a football game. Bravo's series Best New Restaurant follows sixteen popular establishments from around the country, putting them head-to-head against each other. Who comes out on top is anybody's guess, but we intend to cheer for Little Sparrow.

A Weekling favorite since they emerged on the scene in May 2013, our team has managed to include the Santa Ana gem in everything from Top 100 lists to chef interviews. Owners, managers and spouses Naseem Aflakian and Bruce Marsh envisioned it to be similar to a neighborhood brasserie, serving New American cuisine. Per Bruce, they present exactly what Best New Restaurant is seeking, “an entire package of service, ambiance and food.”


For those of you who think the same, you can catch their episode inside the bar Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. They installed a monitor just for the occasion (Who considers that a hint?). How do they fare during the 30 guest stress test? What misstep will the secret diner uncover? And, most importantly, do they make it to the next round? Everyone will know soon enough. Make us proud, Sparrow!

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