Lillie's Q Debuts Southern Brunch In Brea

When a restaurant first starts out, its first priority is typically dinner service. To boost sales, happy hour is a natural progression. Maybe they roll out lunch specials. If they're feeling really good, brunch is the final frontier.

Last Sunday, we stopped by Brea in our stretchy pants for the inaugural brunch over at Lillie's Q and got the lowdown on what's offered. It's enough to make one park in the structure across Brea Boulevard, because you'll need the walk afterwards.


After surveying our prospects, we chuckled after realizing our plates were silver trays. Not like those mess hall or cafeteria-style ones; we pop these in the oven when baking. Next to our classy dishware, you'll find pork rinds so crunchy they won't shut up alongside a colorful array of pickled veg. Between two salad options, the potato isn't goopy, reminding us of picnics in the park.

The carver is waiting for us with succulent brisket and sausage links under his protection. We move along to a series of covered chafing dishes, each one ready to reward our curiosity. Biscuits 'n gravy, bacon, grits, collard greens, slaw. The list went on. We took interest in Brunswick stew, filled with bits of smoked chicken, pork, corn and lima beans.

Now we could ramble on about a dessert station stocked with miniature delights, fruits and a chocolate fountain. But we have more filling options to dish on besides a DIY strawberry shortcake corner. That would be the made-to-order selections featuring omelettes, any style eggs and breakfast burritos. Taking a cue from second cousin TAPS down the street, these single servings can be requested at any point, so you can dine on them when you're ready. Try The Pig Lover (bacon, ham, hot sausage, pulled pork and white cheddar) if you're still hangry.

For a $24.99 price tag, this includes free-flowing champagne and everything already mentioned. Remember that Brea brunch is a Sunday activity only, and reservations are encouraged. It may be the only time we wish we parked further, because our eyes were way bigger than our stomach.

Lillie's Q is located at 240 S Brea Blvd in Brea, (714) 482-2001;

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