Like Totally Music Festival Refunds are Said to Be on the Way

Like Totally Music Festival lineup 2019 (cancelled)

All ticket holders to the Like Totally Festival, which was cancelled a day before it was supposed to open in Huntington Beach on May 11, will receive refunds “immediately,” according to the promoter.

“So, an update happened today with regards to refunds,” writes Scott Tucker of Sellout Events in an email. “We have arranged for all ticket holders to be refunded immediately. It will take a few days to hit their credit card[s], but they all should be getting an email stating that this is happening from Eventbrite.”

Like Totally Festival Cancelled Citing Lack of Proper Permits

Tucker told the Weekly‘s Nate Jackson in May that the company had difficulties getting the required permits to hold the festival at the designated concert area on the sand just off of Magnolia Street. “Obviously when you’re erecting a stage or building anything they want permits and when you’re doing stuff on the sand it’s even more and it’s state property so they’re even more on it because any accidents could be litigious,” Tucker said.

He added that all the way up until two days before the festival opening, Sellout Events was not supplied with proper documents from a third party engineer that would allow them to clear inspection for a walk through. “It got to the point where on something with this size and scope at what point do you stop it?” Tucker asked rhetorically. “We had a walk through scheduled for today and the third party engineer said they were going to make a decision at that point. But they said if things are not in order we can’t approve your permit. I didn’t have any choice, we had to call it off.”

The news came just two days after the festival’s headliner, The Bangles, pulled out due to an undisclosed contract issue with the organizers. Others who were to play at the fourth annual Like Totally Music Festival included Public Image LTd., ABC with Martin Fry, The Romantics, The Smithereens featuring Marshall Crenshaw and Tommy Tutone.

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  1. I never received any refunds. I paid $228.30 I didn’t have to begin with but wanted to give a special surprise to my 8-year-old daughter who loves the Bangles. Gee, thanks, Scott Tucker!

    1. I have never received any refunds either over $300.00. Do you know or have found a way to get our refunds? Thanks for any help.

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