Life's a One-Way Street

You were the young woman annoyed that the fire department truck and ambulance were blocking the access on Lower Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach. I was walking my dog, and seeing your impatience, I told you they had just gone in and might take awhile. Your response was they had no right to block the street. You backed your car out and drove around to the next entrance and, going the wrong way on Lower Cliff (which is a one-way street), parked in your spot. You said to me, 'I hope you don't think I'm insensitive, but what if there were an emergency and someone had to get by?' Considering there was a fire truck and ambulance on the street, I doubt we could be any better prepared for an emergency. You knew that someone had called 911 and these emergency workers were just trying to do their jobs. You didn't care about anything other than being inconvenienced for a few seconds. Too bad, especially since, as it turned out, someone had just died.

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