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The U.S. Attorney deserves great credit for using Don Haidl to bring down Sheriff Mike Carona [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Rodney Alcala, Tour Guide?” Feb. 5]. Without Haidl, Carona would probably still be our sheriff today. Haidl had a long history of sleazy behavior, but it is hard to imagine a more noble act he could have accomplished than cooperating with the feds. Judge Andrew Guilford sure got it right when he decided to give the guy a break in honor of the phenomenal public service he performed.

Brian G., via ocweekly.com


Haidl’s actions were a “noble act”???!!?? Please tell me you are being sarcastic. Haidl’s actions were nothing more than a man trying to save his own ass because the feds had him by the balls and it was the only way for him to get out of it. Am I glad he ratted out Carona the Sleaze? Absolutely. Noble? Not even!

Thirtyplus, via ocweekly.com

Wait, so let me get this right: Tom [Klingenmeier] actually turned the Sawdust Festival around, got it vital and growing again, in the middle of the worst economy since it began [Nick Schou’s “Sawdust-Up,” Jan. 29]? And he’s some kind of dictator for sacking someone who threatened to undermine all of it with shortsighted flirting? I can’t tell you how many families and lives I’ve seen put into hardship because some moron plays fast and loose and gets the entire organization damaged or destroyed from a sexual-harassment lawsuit. I don’t blame this Tom guy one bit. Who wants to see years of hard work thrown away and the livelihood of numerous artists and their families damaged because of one person’s screw-up? If you play with that kind of fire, you deserve the burning you get. ’Nuff said.

Thx1138, via ocweekly.com

Preferential treatment of family is not what our elected officials are supposed to be doing with public trust [R. Scott Moxley’s “Shell Game,” Jan. 29]. Street and truck vendors are unfair competition for brick-and-mortar businesses in Santa Ana, which have to pay rent and other overhead costs. They make messes, disrespect the law (parking all day in one spot, health standards are debatable) and generally are a nuisance.

Wendy Bryan, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


Looks like this stuff is pretty old. If Miguel Pulido had done something illegal, why didn’t the Fair Political Practices Commission, grand jury, FBI or someone do something about it back when it happened? It seems there was documentation available, yet nothing. The logical conclusion is that all of these random threads and unfounded assertions don’t actually add up to a crime.

For that matter, Measure D (the “keep Claudia Alvarez in office and don’t do a damn thing about ethics” clause) wasn’t even in place when all these events happened. Maybe it all smells bad, but the ethics law [enacted June 2008] is not retroactive, and Pulido’s actions before it was passed are not subject to those limitations. In reality, Pulido couldn’t have violated this ethics clause because there wasn’t one at that time.

It all seems shady, but the “evidence” is circumstantial at best.

At the end of the day, there is no one stepping up to the plate to run for mayor that I could vote for in good conscience. The other candidate that we know is running [Alfredo Amezcua] has as much baggage, if not more, than this mayor.

Sinister, Santana, via ocweekly.com

Have to say it: You seem more like the asshole in this story [Hey, You! “Lame Change,” Jan. 29]. First, it is hard to understand what you are trying to say in your “he said, she said” point of view. Second, I am guessing it was a fairly new Volvo you were driving, which suggests you have a driving pattern similar to many drivers of a Mercedes: “Out of my way, peons; I own the road.”

Is it also possible that you were talking on your cell phone or otherwise distracted so you could not pay attention to your driving? If you did hit the old guy, would your defense be “Well, I did not complain about the dent or the mess his blood made on my car when he hit my car?”

Dweezle, Garden Grove, via ocweekly.com


Bike lanes are for bikes, dumbass; keep your yuppie Volvo (wagon, no less) out so I can ride in safety.

CB, Riverside, via ocweekly.com


According to the cartoon accompanying the article, the guy could have just smacked you with his cane. That would have been cool.

Laurence, Tustin, via ocweekly.com


Typical numbnuts Volvo driver.

Mr. Salty, via ocweekly.com

The DePietro Performance Center was misidentified in a caption and the text of Matt Coker’s Feb. 5 cover story, “Douchebag Does Sundance.” Also, Kathy Griffin was not an Orange County Crazies cast member; the comic helped founder Cherie Kerr with auditions for the inaugural cast. The Weekly regrets the errors.

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