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In related news, the Register is up for sale [Matt Coker’s “Hot for Teacher . . . Salaries,” Nov. 19]. That’s what this is about—a way to stir up their readership in an attempt to sell newspapers.

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Junkie Business
Using ibogaine as a form of treatment for drug addiction is very promising [Keegan Hamilton’s “Shock the Junkie,” Nov. 19]. One should just be wise and do extensive research into the different providers that are out there. I received treatment at the clinic spoken of here. I’m no longer dependent on methadone, but that was due to the medicine, not the provider. People put on very good fronts to get you in the door and the money in their pocket. Be extremely cautious and do your research over and over because there is more than just Clare Wilkins and Pangea.

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Honestly, I’ve never heard of this ibogaine treatment. I’d rather my tax dollars go into research for something like this than Social Security (which won’t exist when I get old) or the feds (who take as much from my paycheck as Social Security, and then give it to the banks, or pump it into the economy causing more inflation). In the U.S., we have an epidemic when it comes to meth. I’ve lost many friends due to meth, and if something like this can wake people the fuck up, I’m all for it. Big ups on this reporting Keegan, I liked the style in which you put it together. Journalism at its finest!

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Pardon Their Dust
This is a huge mistake to make by owner Rand Foster [Lilledeshan Bose’s Mental Notes, “Fingerprints Moving to New Digs,” Nov. 19]. No one wants to go to Downtown Long Beach. Part of the success and charm of Fingerprints is the longevity at its current location in Belmont Shore. I hope they haven’t inked the deal and rethink the move.

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A Walking United Nations
I thought an Argentine was an Italian who spoke Spanish and acted French and thought he was British [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Nov. 19].

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Squat the Hell?
This is a great story [R. Scott Moxley’s “The Real Squatters of Orange County,” Nov. 12]. I feel for the property owner, and I hope the DA kicks some tail. I imagine the out-of-state lessor creates a jurisdiction problem. I know where these two clowns can get three hots and a cot until they’ll never try this again. Make an example of them, there are too many more coming to turn OC into a parking lot adjacent to a sewer.

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This is so ridiculous. Sorry guys, but if I was the home owner, I would find a way in that house or make it hell to live there until they left! Also, if the owner of the property did not sign the lease, or have an legal agent do it—then it’s fraud, and those so called lease papers the Duncans have are not valid! Therefore, it’s breaking and entering! And if they know he is sneaking out late at night, wouldn’t that be the time, you wouldn’t let him back in? And for the neighbor who lives next to them, start playing your music very, very loud at 6 a.m. Get two German shepherd dogs to roam your property at all times!

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This story is unbelievable. It is sad to see something like this happening to an area like Newport Coast. It is even more sad to see anyone expressing bitter, negative sentiment. The individuals in the article are taking advantage of a loophole and making a mockery of our legal/police system. Rather than channel energy toward distaste of the wealthy, one should consider pressuring the authorities to make an example of this situation and do the right thing which is prosecuting their illegal behavior so they stop victimizing others.

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This story is disturbing whether you’re rich or poor. If you’re hard-working and have earned a home, car, etc., someone can just take it all from you by abusing squatter’s rights. Why are these people allowed back on the property? Why are people providing them with food? They should maybe go squat at a dental place rather than someone else’s home.

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