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I was in attendance at the very same performance of The Shadow Box as Joel Beers (“Please Just Shut Up,” Feb. 25). Beers is a two-faced liar to whom natural emotions must be totally alien—except for the fact that he cried several times during the performance. After watching him, I believed that his review would reflect how the show moved him. He can say whatever he wants in print, and I support his right to do that. But, Mr. Beers, do yourself and all of theater a favor and report HONESTLY! Raw emotion coming from the heart is to be commended. That is how you reacted to this production, and maybe, just maybe, you can't abide how strongly this show affected you. You were emotionally moved by this show, and you should have the INTEGRITY to admit it!

Kathy Richards via e-mail Joel Beers responds: While delighted to find I was the object of your attention at the performance in question (are you very beautiful?), I assure you that not one tear fell from these eyes. Believe me, had I cried, everyone would have known, for when I let go, I wail like Jeremiah in sackcloth and ashes; I release a torrent of tears that even Moses couldn't part; I blow my nose like a John Coltrane solo. Dick Vermeil calls me for tips.


Thanks for the candid “Lie The Friendly Skies” (Anthony Pignataro's El Toro Watch, Feb 25). Unfortunately, you left out the biggest lie about the proposed El Toro International Airport: LIE: Measure F will limit the number of jails built so that criminals will be released early into OC neighborhoods. TRUTH: Measure F applies only to jails of 1,000 or more beds less than half a mile from homes. In the county's Environmental Impact Report released in December 1999, 31 potential jail sites were identified in more remote locations throughout OC that would not be affected by Measure F. These sites are sprinkled all over the county. Surely 31 sites are enough to choose from—I mean, unless you want to build a jail next to your kids' school.

Kurt Tarhan via e-mail Anthony Pignataro responds:Thanks for giving me a chance to update the pro-airport camp's lies. In addition to Tarhan's observation, the following lies are now appearing on anti-Measure F mailers: first, thatThe Orange County Register and the League of Women Voters both oppose Measure F. In fact, theRegister recently editorialized that residents should vote yes on F. The League has steadfastly refused to endorse or oppose Measure F. Secondly, such airport boosters as Board of Education member Eric Woolery and Huntington Beach Mayor Dave Garofalo say Measure F will force “the construction of small jails in local neighborhoods, close to schools.” In fact, Sheriff Mike Carona recently announced that plunging crime levels will keep jail expansion on the back burner for the foreseeable future.


Hmmm, there were no Nixon masks at the Sugar Ray concert Feb. 20 at the Galaxy Concert Theatre (Buddy Seigal's “He Made Us Walk,” Feb. 18). It was just a kick-ass concert that everyone loved. How heartless Mark McGrath and Sugar Ray are, putting on a benefit concert for a friend in need. But, oh, how dare one praise Nixon! How surprised the Weekly staffers would be to find Mark McGrath's IQ is higher than their mean IQ. I'd bet anything it's true.

Craig Furnas Corona del Mar


R. Scott Moxley's article “Juvenile Justice” (Feb. 18) could also have been titled “Needs an Education” or “Illegitimate Fear.” It was distressing to learn of Judge James M. Watson's requirement that witnesses reveal their HIV status for several reasons. First, as Myron Quon said, it's a violation of privacy. However, Watson's position also reveals a severe lack of knowledge about HIV and HIV transmission, which is extremely sad and harmful in this day and age. HIV is not an airborne virus, nor can one “catch” HIV by using a toilet, drinking from a glass, sharing food, or, if you were so inclined, swallowing the bloodless saliva of an HIV-positive person. A person with HIV could sneeze on you, cough on you, shake your hand, hug, kiss or yell at you, and you still would not become infected. If a fight broke out and there was blood-to-blood contact or if two people had unprotected sex in the courtroom, one might feel concerned, but I imagine these types of transmission are normally prevented in court. Clearly, Watson needs an HIV/AIDS education course.

Kim de St. Paer Laguna Beach


Costa Mesa resident Arthur Carmona is doing 10 years for a crime he didn't commit (“The Kid Is Innocent,” Sept. 17). While his appeal is pending, he's sitting in the Chino Men's Facility. Let him know that you know the criminal-justice system is jacked-up. Write to Arthur Paul Carmona, P28238/East, P.O. Box 500, Chino, CA 91708. Tell him everybody at the Weekly says hello.

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