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Re: Alison M. Rosen's review of the Cramps at the Galaxy Concert Theatre (Locals Only, Nov. 3): I don't know how I missed her articles before, but Rosen rocks!

Jeff MacDonald

I was honored to be included as No. 13 in your list of the 31 scariest people in Orange County (Oct. 27). I couldn't have done it without help from your reporter Anthony Pignataro. My goal for next year is to break into the Top 10.

Tom Shepard
San Diego R. Scott Moxley responds: Shepard is a propagandist who poses as an environmentalist while working intimately with California's most notorious real-estate developers. With minimal future investigative effort, I'm certain we can accommodate his ambition to make the Top 10.

Thank you for the outstanding issue of Oct. 27. The outrageous bashing of Larry Agran by the LA Times and Jean O. Pasco had to be answered by someone (“South County Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” by R. Scott Moxley). And your list of the 31 scariest characters in Orange County is also timely and on-target. Thank goodness we have one source of reliable and accurate information on what is really going on in Orange County—OC Weekly.

Dave Blodgett
Laguna Woods

Wade from the Blue Balls is one of the scariest people in Orange County. Anyone who breathes fire, breaks flaming bottles over his head, wrestles members of the audience and his own band, and swings his bass around like a madman scares me. I'm from the Midwest, honey: I know scary.

Jenny “Quitter” Angelillo
program director and DJ
KXLU-FM 88.9

Re: Anthony Pignataro's “No Soul in This Correa” (Oct. 27): Correa's record is strong, and I am confident the voters of the 69th Assembly District will send him back to fight for them on Nov. 7. You casually write off his efforts to “bring home the pork,” but the fact is that the fight to get state resources to help a largely low- to moderate-income, heavily Latino district is difficult. But Lou, along with Senator Joe Dunn and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, has done his job well for the residents of this area. Lou was also part of an Assembly majority that restored the eight-hour day, worker's protections and the prevailing wage. He was part of the effort to pass the toughest gun-safety laws in the nation, establish new affordable housing programs, extend health-care coverage for uninsured children, and reform HMOs.

Some of the points you raised were, for whatever reason, incomplete or incorrect. You mention he received $1,000 from Wal-Mart but failed to tell your readers he voted for the “big-box” bill bitterly opposed by Wal-Mart. You mention his lack of support for gay rights, but you failed to mention that he has been endorsed by the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club and ECCO, two active gay and lesbian organizations, and that ECCO had Correa voting correctly on seven out of nine of their priority bills (not voting on the other two). Finally, you cite the failure of the Legislature to set aside land on the Tustin air base for a Santa Ana school as an example that he is ineffective. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, the proposal was for a joint elementary, high school and college campus. Lou got the Assembly to pass this bill, and it only died in the Senate because of united Republican opposition and one Democratic senator. Lou did his part. Not giving up, he persuaded Governor Gray Davis to veto a bill by Senator Ross Johnson to fast-track Tustin's development. Only after this was done have Tustin and the South Orange County Community College District been willing to talk seriously about a compromise. As a participant in a number of the discussions on the Tustin base, I can say that Lou was effective and never gave up. He's one Assembly member who does have a soul.

John Hanna
Santa Ana Anthony Pignataro responds: I'm glad John brought up the ECCO endorsement, which board members tell me was rather contentious. In the end, Correa prevailed with a bare majority. That's saying quite a lot, given the fact that Correa's only real opponent in the race is the execrable Lou Lopez. One might infer from that flaccid endorsement that I was correct in my contention that Lopez deserves to lose, but “it's too bad he couldn't lose to a better guy.”

I just had my attention called to an article on the Web (www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_92779.html?nav_src=newsIndexHeadline). Excerpt from the lead: “Martial arts duo pit manhood against lorry for new record.” The story: “Two Taiwanese martial-arts experts have set a world record by pulling an 11-ton lorry 30 centimeters—using their penises. Hundreds of enthusiastic spectators in Taiwan watched as the two masters of the martial art Chi Kung performed the test of strength in preparation for plans to pull an aeroplane in the same way.” It certainly reminded me of Jim Washburn's past adventures in mystic Asian penis enhancement.

Hal O'Brien
Costa Mesa

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