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Kudos to Anthony Pignataro for an outstanding perspective on the terrorists in our system (“Dr. Frankenbacher,” Sept. 28). As a recovering Republican, I heard moderate Republicans call Dana Rohrabacher a political terrorist when he denounced Steve Horn as a “closet liberal” and Harriet Weider as an “illegal alien” back in 1988. Rohrabacher ambushed their candidacies to replace Dan Lungren as congressman in the old 42nd District. Harriet was forced to produce her naturalization papers and kiss her career goodbye. Rohrabacher went on to make a career out of terrorizing immigrants, legal or otherwise. Horn went on to become a congressman in his own right, representing coastal Long Beach and annoying the conservatives who recently redistricted him out of a job while everyone was on the lookout for the Taliban and their operatives.

Ironically, Rohrabacher's new district closely resembles the old 42nd District, which included coastal Long Beach. Now that I am allowed a crossover vote, I would like to be the first Democrat to beg Horn to challenge “The Taliban Kid” in next spring's GOP shootout before the representative from Afghanistan turns his Kalishnakov on the Bill of Rights again.

Dan Farrell
via e-mail


R. Scott Moxley's article on the demise of OCN (“So Long, OCN,” Sept. 21) included an offhand insult to KOCE TV's local news operation, describing it as “incompetent.” Moxley is, once again, uninformed, confused or just enjoys being malicious. KOCE's Real Orange news program is admittedly undercapitalized and underfunded and does not have live-shot capability or helicopters. But incompetent it is not. For the money, it may be the best show on television. The production values are good and the content is substantive. The show's numerous awards, including repeated Emmy nominations, are evidence. Most importantly, Real Orange's journalism is solid and responsible, but that's something Mr. Moxley would know nothing about.

Mel Rogers
president, KOCE TV


I see that the “negative responses” to Margot Lovett's forward of an e-mail press release from the leftist Black Radical Congress (BRC) were categorized in your article as “hate mail” (Matt Coker's “Lovett or Leave It,” Sept. 28). I wonder how many “negative responses” (is it still hate mail?) Jerry Falwell received for exercising his right to free speech. Ironically, he's lampooned on the page facing Lovett's photograph. Lovett's supporter, Karen Merced Willner, states that the time has come for serious societal introspection, which “can only be productive if radical voices, such as BRC, are heard.” Does Falwell count as a “radical voice,” too? Or is it only the leftist radicals who can contribute to productive introspection?

John Denney

Matt Coker responds: Anything that follows the introduction “Listen, slut” or “Hi, I'm Jerry Falwell” qualifies as hate speech.


To Steve Lowery, a [sic] L.A. Times reject: Born in Edmonton, AB, initial 31 years of my life a Canadian and last 36 years an American. Sorry[,] but my heart is still Canadian. My family of five children migrated to America in 1965[,] sadly a vast swampland/garbage [sic] in education and emphasizes [sic] a 24/7 entertainment milieu. Fortuneately [sic][,] their parents had enough Canadian culture to carry them through and instill in them [a good] work ethic, respect for neighbors and a spiritual being. It is now my grandchildren, ages 1 to 10 years[,] that I have concern [?] if a sufficient amount of our Canadian genes have been retained that would rise above the rubish[sic]/trash/garbage environment in America. You[,] in your diatribe[,] forgot to mention other notable Canadians—Lorne Greene, Gordan Sinclair, Walt Disney, Bob Gaulet [?], Peter Jennings, Celine Dion, Paul Anka, Saul Bellow, Dan Akroyd [sic], Giselle McKenzie, Deanna Durbin, Dave Foley, Michael Fox, kd lang, Monty Hall, Phil Hartman, Pamela Lee Anderson, Joan Baez, Howie Mandel, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Longden, Gordie Howe, Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Oscar Peterson, Christopher Plummer, Mort Sahl, William Shatner, Martin Short, Hank Snow, Don Sutherland, Fan Fray and Paul Muni, to name a few.

I have sent your article to the Edmonton Journal. Perhaps your glowing coments [sic] may land a much needed job for you. Rots a Rock.

Russ Jakob
Long Beach

Steve Lowery, American, responds: The fact that you consider Howie Mandel, Celine Dion and Monty Hall “notable” cultural figures proves that you are Canadian. The fact that you misspelled “fortunately” and “rubbish” proves that you attended college there.


I busted my gut laughing as I read your excellent story on the strange airport vote of Supervisor Jim Silva (R. Scott Moxley's “Not Just a Moron,” Sept. 28). Thanks for being the only paper in Orange County brave enough to print the honest, warts-and-all truth. The last “Political Football” column (Steve Lowery's “Smoking Astroturf,” Sept. 28) was very clever, too!

J. Littleton

Lowery responds: Clever? I pour my heart and soul into Political Football, mister. It's a feature that I thought up myself and fought against everyone to get into this paper. I have ruined both thumbs—and countless remotes—flashing back and forth between C-SPAN and ESPN. My wife and kids barely know me anymore. And you call it clever? CLEVER??? To that, I can only respond: aw, shucks . . . Ya really think so?

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