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Re: Matt Coker's observation of the fifth anniversary of the passage of Proposition 215, the medical-marijuana law (A Clockwork Orange, Nov. 16). Also note that Nov. 5 was the one-month celebration of the enactment of Dion Aroner's Assembly Bill 487, which requires that all practicing physicians complete a 12-hour seminar in pain management. The course material would undermine the federal Drug Enforcement Agency's reign of terror, its opiophobic philosophy on the prescription of pain killers, especially opiates.

The crackdown Coker refers to is part of a two-pronged reply by the DEA to the threat of Aroner's brazen attempt to disseminate the truth. The other prong was the DEA's abortive attempt to subvert Oregon's Death With Dignity law.

An epic battle has been joined on a broad front, and I trust you will continue covering the action on the front lines.

Name withheld by request
Santa Ana


I read with great amusement Dave Garofalo's announcement that he will run for the state board of equalization—great amusement because on the same day that story appeared in another newspaper, I read Dave Wielenga's article announcing that the DA is ready to file charges against the son of a bitch (“Court Date,” Nov. 9). Is Garofalo nuts or out of touch—or both? When Garofalo gets justice, you guys should get the Pulitzer; if Garofalo gets off, just kill me fast.

Shane Egan
via e-mail


At approximately 4 p.m. on Nov. 18, Dave Garofalo was spotted at Charter Centre near Golden Spoon perusing OC Weekly. After he got through a few pages (he appeared to be searching for articles on his favorite Huntington Beach councilman), he quickly closed the paper and returned it to the news rack. Then he proceeded to take a stack of Entertainment Weekly papers from the stand to the left and place them on top of OC Weekly. What's up with that? Did he think that would hide the latest revelations regarding his brilliant person and career?

Name withheld by request
via e-mail


I just moved here from Detroit and happened to pick up the recent Weekly. I'm a professional guitarist and have played for a number of years backing old Motown people—at one point having the opportunity to open a show in Detroit for Boz Scaggs. I have to say that the article Buddy Seigal wrote couldn't have been more accurate (“Guitar Revelation,” Nov. 16). I'm still laughing my ass off at some of his comments. Although Boz was a gentleman and very nice to work with, “The Lido Shuffle” sounded just as lame as it ever did. Keep up the good work, Buddy! I'll be watching for more of these guitar-related stories from you. By the way, your efforts to attempt to learn the “Joe Pass” style are impressive —not an easy task. If I may offer some advice, just start slow and try scat singing in your head what you want to hear on your guitar. You'll find this will put the heart and soul in your music.

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Fuck Joel Beers and everybody else at OC Weekly who would write anything at all to aid our enemies in this moment of crisis. When I opened Beers' theater review, I expected theater—not political —criticism (“We Bad: Rude Guerrilla's Search and Destroy,” Nov. 16). Just two months after terrorists attacked and killed thousands of Americans on American soil and while Americans are risking their lives in Afghanistan, Beers should watch what he writes. Saying that it's “ridiculous propaganda” that our war is a war on terror gives comfort to Osama bin Ladin. Even if this really is (as Beers says) a war for oil, he ought to consider just how legitimate that cause is the next time he tries to gas up his fucking SUV on the way to the theater. To Beers and whoever edits his crap: you cowards don't deserve to call yourselves Americans.

Dan Brennan
via e-mail

An SUV-driving, theater-going Weekling writes: Before we drop dead, Dan, as a kind of last act, we'd like to direct your attention to one more piece of inflammatory writing in this week's theater section, Charles Marowitz's essay “God Bless Art.” Gasp. Sigh. (Fin.)


RE: Nick Schou's “Ollie North: 'Not all Muslims evil,' but only Christians will go to heaven” (Nov 16): Ollie's “stunning revelation” has been standard Christian doctrine for nearly 2000 years. The Apostle Paul put the Gospel in a nutshell in the 15th chapter of his first epistle to the Corinthians, saying that Jesus, the Messiah, died for our sins as foretold by the prophets and rose from the dead again as foretold by the prophets. Read the crucifixion accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, then read Psalm 22, written by King David about 1,000 B.C., who says of himself, “the Spirit of the Lord spoke by me” (Second Samuel 23:2). Then read Isaiah chapter 53, written about 700 B.C. This will put the proper context around John 3:16-18, John 10:1-18, and Jesus' words in John 14:6, “I am the way . . . no one comes to the Father but by Me.” At least Ollie got that right.

John Denney

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