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R. Scott Moxley's otherwise groundbreaking story (“Separate and Unequal,” Sept. 27) failed to point out three other things that the Rohrabacher-loving press doesn't have the guts to publish: (1) Representative Cynthia McKinney and Representative Dana Rohrabacher both have been on record as saying that the sky is “blue,” (2) McKinney and Rohrabacher both eat food every day, and (3) McKinney and Rohrabacher both have to go to the bathroom from time to time! But you have to give credit where credit is due: one thing that the Rohrabacher-loving press does know but is unwilling to say is that the Weekly not only sells advertising for prostitutes, but it employs at least one of them as well.

Joe Carmichael

R. Scott Moxley responds: Gosh, Joe, I thought we were thorough enough in our comparisons: Rohrabacher and McKinney are nearly unique in Congress—in their anti-Israel statements before and after Sept. 11; in blaming the U.S. for creating an international environment that caused the terrorists to attack; and in accepting money from Arab interests, some of whom the FBI says have terrorists connections. Oddly, only McKinney (a black female Democrat) was savaged by the media while the white Republican's similar political actions were ignored. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with supporting Arab interests, but it's obvious why you couldn't understand the story. You've been focused on enjoying the massage ads in the back.


In response to Lyle Martin Scott's comments, I would like to point out that in addition to smoking bone and riding rump, I, too, pay taxes and vote (Letters, Sept. 20). Ironic, Lyle, that a decent, God-fearing American like yourself should suck such ass—you know, metaphorical-like.

James Smith
Long Beach

I, a mere Jewish-Italian American, have always loved the Smiths and Morrissey, and I am glad Morrissey has found an audience he inspires and who inspire him (Gustavo Arellano's “Their Charming Man,” Sept. 13). However, Ben and the others are way over the top here. Morrissey is Mexican . . . except he is not Mexican. He casts ironic and contemptuous glances at machismo and doesn't know a lick of Spanish. The only thing that makes some sense is that working-class kids love him, from Manchester, England, to Yuma, Arizona, and points south. The Mexican-American chief financial officer at my company hates Morrissey—always did. But, of course, he left behind his working-class roots as he entered USC and fraternity life. Funny, though, he loves Springsteen, like so many anti-union yuppies. Kind of like born-agains who love to sing John Lennon's “Imagine.” Anyway, I enjoyed the article, even though I always saw Morrissey as an anti-macho Jim Morrison. Hmmm . . . the Smiths and the Doors. Now that's an interesting comparison.

Mitch Freedman
Newbury Park

The report on the best of the anti-Bush demonstration at Dana Point cited the “Best Chant By a 12-Year-Old Socialist Girl Over a Megaphone” (Andrew Tonkavich's “Political Theater,” Aug. 30). I would like to state for the record that the young lady in question (my daughter) is an 11-year-old Democrat who is proud of her party affiliation—and definitely not a socialist.

Mark Hull-Richter
Democratic Central Committee
Mission Viejo

Did Newport Beach annex a big chunk of Costa Mesa recently, or did Jessica Calkins and her editor get so happy at the El Matador happy hour they forgot what city they were in (“Let Them Eat Nachos,” Sept. 27)?

Sandra Genis
via e-mail

The “Happy Drunk” in our Dept. of Corrections replies: Nacho-rally, El Matador is in Costa Mesa.


My new favorite part of the Weeklyis Likee No Likee. The only problem is that one “likee” and one “no likee” is far too little. You should print five or six of each per issue.

Matt Vandeventer
Long Beach

C. Willard Hostible, vice president of reader displeasing, responds: Our new favorite part of theWeekly is printing your letter saying you likee Likee No Likee, then telling you we're not sure we Likee it as much as we thought we would, leaving you to wonder whether there soon will be No Likee.


It was another beautiful day in Costa Mesa when I cruised into my regular coffee haunt (rhymes with copy machine) for an icy, blended beverage as well as my Weekly fix. But the paper was mysteriously absent, rack and all! To my horror, I was told the Weekly had been removed because some patron found its content offensive and not in line with the store's family atmosphere. Wow! The Weekly has been in the same corner of that store for years. And now the management—having left their balls at home that day—bows to the whining of some uptight jackasses? I can just imagine some soccer mom, getting a little lackluster with her parenting skills while she chats it up with her girlfriend, suddenly discovering that little Jeremy had found a Weekly and buried his nose in it. But why it is acceptable to remove the Weekly to please those who don't like it, while ignoring those who do? It's called freedom of choice, dumbass! Among a few other freedoms, I might add!

R. Lambert
Costa Mesa

Dave Barton misquoted Elvis Presley (“Funny and Thin,” Sept. 27) and this is what he has to say about it: “If I'd done more research, I would have discovered that the Elvis Presley quote I used 'proving' his racism in my review of Picasso at the Lapin Agilewas actually an urban legend. I pride myself on getting my facts right and blew it this time: Presley never said it.”

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