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Your cover story about Walt Disney not being the original creator of Mickey Mouse is correct, but you're placing the blame on the wrong person (Paul Brennan's “We Smell a Rat,” Nov. 29). Ub Iwerks, one of Walt Disney's earliest animation associates, is the artist who designed Mickey Mouse's physical shape and animated the first three Mickey Mouse cartoons almost single-handedly. Perhaps you should investigate Iwerks' inspiration for the Mickey Mouse design and stop spreading baseless rumors in this new century. What, you still think Walt Disney is in a cryogenics lab?

Francisco Chavando

Thank you for the excellent article about Santa Ana Police officer Randy Beckx and his efforts to help the homeless (Nick Schou's “The Force Is With Him,” Nov. 22). On the East Coast, we have to deal with the complete opposite. Follow this link to a local New York City website for what goes on here (1010wins.com/topstories/local_story_332072932.html). This article was published on Thanksgiving. Figures, I suppose.

Mike Schirmer
Glenwood, NJ

Thank you so much, Greg Stacy, for your story on Jack Nance (“Black Jack: Life in the shadow of Eraserhead,” Nov. 22). I am one of the personal friends of Jack, as well as one of the producers of the film I Don't Know Jack, and Greg's review moved me. I appreciate his vision and understanding, from the heart.

Donna Du Bain
Had to Be Made Productions, Hollywood

I enjoyed your article about Jack Nance. As a matter of clarification, however, he wasn't “gunned down”; he died of head injuries as a result of getting “socked in the eye” by either friends or persons unknown—a continuing unsolved murder. Thanks again.

Richard Nance
Brother of Jack Nance
via e-mail

I was taken aback by two things Melody Crooks said in the final paragraph of the story about Marcelino Ramos, the man convicted of killing her sister (Sara Catania's “A Third Reprieve,” Nov. 15). First, she said, “I am a firm believer in the death penalty.” Then she said, “No one has the right to take someone's life.” I don't necessarily agree with Ramos' newest argument, but Crooks should mind her stupidity in such a delicate case.

Mike Diaz-Meyst
Long Beach

What's with all the people writing letters to the OC Weekly about how biased the paper is? Of course the paper is biased! So is The Orange County Register, so is the Los Angeles Times, and so is the BBC. I've never heard the Weekly claim to be objective and balanced. If you enjoy reading more conservative press, pick up the OC Metro. See how much entertainment you get out of that. The Weekly is good because it sometimes puts out liberal ideas, sometimes conservative. Sometimes the articles are well-written and informative, sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they suck. Most important, though, the paper has never claimed to be anything but the Weekly. If you want a paper to jack off to your conservative ideas, find the opinion page of the Register.

Mike “Commonsense Boy” Carri

In response to Eric S. Lee's reference to the “waning Democratic Party”: it's ironic that in Lee's own back yard, Democratic Mayor Larry Agran was re-elected (Letters, “Yer Makin' Us Blush,” Nov. 29). This, despite the thousands of garish pink signs littering Irvine streets reminding voters that Agran is a Democrat but making no mention of the opposing candidate's political affiliation on his signs.

Scott Sullivan
Lake Forest

How funny it is that Henry Kissinger is quoted in support of your point of view (Anthony Pignataro's “After Saddam,” Nov. 22)? Does that mean Kissinger is right as long as he agrees with you? Is that not the kind of one-sided B.S. you bitch about when it comes to everyone else? I guess it proves your comic book (oh, I mean magazine) is at the mental level of 19-year-old stoners with nothing to cling to or fight for, so they might as well jump on the foundationless, rhetoric-filled, liberal soap box. I still read it, though.

Logan Calder
via e-mail

I read the hilarious music review on local band the Shout (Anthony Pignataro's “A Very Mullet Christmas,” Nov. 8). Who are these throwbacks? And where exactly in Orange County (Republican, high income, Yuppie, DINK types) are those trailer parks they reference??? Actually, I've seen them ROCK THE HOUSE and spoof the mullet-ism in person—very clever angle on Mullet Style. I wish them more success and additional play time with the Christmas CD. Party on, dudes! And that new girl singer . . . WHOAAA! WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL for these neanderthals. Guess I'll be spending my beer money watching them play!

J.E. Scrimger
via e-mail

It's hard to believe that you did not receive any letters re: Jim Washburn's “Wanna See Something Really Scary?” (Nov. 1). So here's one: the article was great! Just about every weekend, I head directly for the OC Weekly's distribution point.

In Nick Schou's “Critical Mass” (Nov. 29), I think you have an inadvertent error. Your article states, “Their chief goal: combat the constant turnover of nurses, which they blame for a low patient-to-nurse ratio at their hospital.” That means there are few patients per nurse. The universal complaint is too many patients per nurse, which is expressed by a high patient-to-nurse ration. I expect that that is what was intended.

Oh, well. One mistake per week ain't bad.

Harry Y. Synder
via e-mail

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