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I don't have a problem with law-abiding people owning or carrying guns (STEVE LOWERY's “They're Here, They're Queer, They're Armed,” Jan. 10). Not even if the people with them are practicing an unnatural lifestyle. (So long as they are staying away from children.) However, the Pink Pistols (“They're Here, They're Queer, They're Armed” by STEVE LOWERY, Jan. 10) are more concerned with promoting their sexual agenda, that of gaining acceptance among normal people, than they are about gun rights. If that were not the case, they wouldn't be so concerned with making their sexual preference an issue. No one is specifically targeting queers in their gun-banning efforts. The Pink Pistols (STEVE LOWERY, STEVE LOWERY, STEVE LOWERY, STEVE LOWERY) are just trying to gain acceptance for their perverted “lifestyle.”

Brian L. Burleson

This is in response to your recent article “Mr. Scourge: Activists remember Planning Director Thomas Mathews” (by Gustavo Arellano, Jan. 3). This article is so full of inaccuracies and biased statements that I hardly know where to begin. Tom Mathews is no “scourge of the County.” In fact, Mr. Mathews is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the acquisition of open-space dedication to the Orange County Regional Park system to the tune of tens of thousands of acres. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mathews and know him to be a hard-working, fair and intelligent public official.

Ernie Schneider
Executive director
Hunsaker N Associates Inc.

(New) Editor's note: Though I have no idea what you're talking about, I do know that there was a lot more stuff in your letter, and it all seemed to be about numbers: 139 this, 1,127 that, 90 percent, 254 as opposed to 162. Look, I hate numbers. They're evil, and they run the world's banks. A STEVE LOWERY administration will not cotton to numbers. Nor will it welcome, hail, accost, salute or boy-howdy them. Stick that in your slide ruler and smoke it, Pythagoras.


Thanks so much to Anthony Pignataro for assembling a great cross-section of comments from the perspective of the Ayn Rand Institute (“Ayn Rand Institute Looks Back in Anger,” Dec. 27). It was really refreshing to see such daring and straightforward observations and viewpoints presented for readers to judge for themselves. Where else could you read political opinions from people on the “right” that don't base their views on Christian religious beliefs and are adamantly pro-choice and anti-censorship? Your article inspired me to finally begin reading Atlas Shrugged.

Leah Polinski
Santa Ana

Sadly enough, I agree with Greg Stacy's article on Nemesis and the Star Trek franchise (“Hull Breach: Star Trek's core meltdown,” Jan. 10). It's really sad to see a good thing ruined. I feel that in trying to reach the broadest audience, it all got dumbed down. The only cure I have for this situation is for Mr. Stacy to check out Farscape. Now that's cutting-edge, “risky” Sci-Fi. Too bad the Sci-Fi Channel prematurely canceled this dazzling series. TV Guide called it “The best SciFI on television,” as well as “sexy and irreverent.” Also check out www.watchfarscape.com.

Sayra Adams
I may live in Idaho, but I am connected!

I agree with Greg Stacy's article on Nemesis. If he is looking for good science fiction, I would suggest he watch Farscape. Critics love it; fans love it. Unfortunately, the Sci-Fi Channel didn't. We are trying very hard to get Sci-Fi to change its mind or have another network take a look at it. Please visit www.savefarscape.com for more info.

No name given FRISTING

Re: James Ridgeway's Mondo Washington (Jan. 10): The article includes a picture of Bill Frist with the caption “Worse than Trent Lott,” but there's no story supporting the picture. Was there supposed to be an article, or was the picture there just to get people asking the question? I mean, it is a great question—don't get me wrong.

And what the hell happened to Script Doctor? I loved the column and the way STEVE LOWERY ripped movies a new one. And with the spate of absolute pabulum coming out, I'd think he'd have plenty to write about.

Jack Frost
via e-mail

(New) Editor responds: Jack, I talked to Anthony Pignataro, who edits Mondo for us, and he says that if you had read at least half of it, you would have found a paragraph dealing with the advantages President George W. Bush has to push pro-life legislation now that Bill Frist is in power. This may be true, but, like you, I find his response torpid, self-righteous and completely lacking in the type of sucking up to Script Doctor qualities your letter has in spades.


Diane Vo, the subject of Gustavo Arellano's “Onward, Cyber Soldier” (Jan. 10), wrote to make clear to us that she is not an attorney as was reported in the story. Vo graduated with a degree in law from Western State University in 1993, but she is not an attorney. “I am not licensed to practice law,” she wrote us. “I am not holding myself out as a lawyer,” she emphasized. “I am working in the legal profession for years—I do the work for a law firm in OC. I am the owner of the website www.PhapLuat.com, the First Legal Portal for Vietnamese-Americans on the Net, offering legal information but not legal advice.” So, long story short: Diane Vo, terrific person, well-versed in the law, NOT AN ATTORNEY. Gustavo Arellano, duplicitous, incompetent, though delicious when served with smoked vegetables.

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