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I had a very scary dream last night. I dreamed that I picked up a copy of OC Weekly, something I rarely do, and a brilliant writer by the name of R. Scott Moxley had crafted a remarkable piece explaining why Tom McClintock should be our next governor [“The Progressive Case for Governor McClintock,” Oct. 3]. I was so excited! Finally: the Weekly had come to its senses! I agree that McClintock would bring some balance to the liberal, hippie freaks currently running the show in Sacramento, and I had a new paper to read every week that shared my conservative views! Then I dreamed I was taking a shower with Commie Girl. Please don't wake me up.

Jimmy Camp
Republican political consultant
Santa Ana

I enjoyed reading Moxley's article and am likewise refreshed by the approbation of a man's principles and values. While I firmly believe that men can change (read: maturation and growth) and that their past should not forever be the albatross 'round their necks, I do agree that McClintock is the best choice for his sound fiscal judgment and proven leadership. But make no mistake about it: his “ancillary” social views of pro-home-protection, pro-family, anti-abortion, etc. would not be inconsequential once elected.

Owen Suttner
via Internet


Shawn Steel
Former Chairman
California Republican Party

So Moxley thinks we should all vote for Tom McClintock because McClintock has principles? His principles include intolerance of almost anyone not white or straight. Moxley tells us not to worry because McClintock won't be able to enact his narrow-minded social views. Yeah, of course, he'd only be the governor of the state. Yeah, he'd be practically powerless.

G. Vic
R. Scott Moxley responds: In order for Governor McClintock's social views to become law, they would have to be approved by the Legislature—a body firmly controlled by minority-friendly Democrats. Governors haven't been able to unilaterally enact laws since, uhh, maybe pre-Revolutionary War times.

I am a 67-year-old who has voted as a Democrat most of my adult life. However, in this election, I, too, am voting for the man most say SHOULD be governor, state Senator Tom McClintock. I wish people would vote their conscience and forget about which party and how much money the candidate has been able to receive from special-interest groups.

Via Internet

Instead of suggesting progressives vote for a Republican, how about suggesting they vote for the ACTUAL progressive in the race, Peter Camejo? Even your old buddy McClintock has been telling people to “vote your conscience.” In your coverage of this “historic” and “unprecedented” election, I've noticed an absence of Camejo—relative to others—in your rag, even though he has shown a passion for the progressive agenda in the numerous debates he has participated in. This is probably the most airtime a Green has gotten to date, and it could prove a turning point, at least a step up, for progressive politics. So, how about throwing some support the direction of the candidate representing the viewpoint of many of your progressive readers?

On a wholly unrelated note, doesn't Cruz Bustamante sound like the narrator of a '70s sex-ed film?

Bill Chandos
Via Internet

Pretty weak, dude.

Northern California Republican Party official who requested anonymity

Every point you made hit the target, and I say that as a right-wing Libertarian whose views are likely 150 degrees opposite yours. I'm just glad I don't live in your miserable state because you're going to be raped (only figuratively—despite the news) with Schwarzenegger in office. What THEY (whoever they are) fear most is an honest man who fights on principle. I'll take a Goldwater or a Wellstone over a Bush or a Gore any day.

Patrick Anders
Via Internet

I'd vote for McClintock if I were old enough, but sadly, the California constitution is pretty specific as to when recall elections have to be held. My birthday is Nov. 29. I wouldn't support him on the social issues, but like you said, they wouldn't be enacted, and the real problems the state faces would have a good chance of being ironed out.

John Roe
San Diego

Read your recent article on McClintock, and I am stupefied how people cannot see he's a win-win for everyone—especially my pocketbook.

Duane Craig
Via Internet

I'm curious about one of Moxley's comments on Schwarzenegger: What exactly is your problem with his practice of group sex? Do you believe that group sex is always unethical or immoral, even when every party is consenting? If so, why? Do I need to point out that many women are into group sex, including notable writers and academics such as Dr. Catherine Millet? And myself for that matter. I'd like to understand why, as a progressive, you are opposed to sexual freedom in this area. By the way, I don't support Schwarzenegger; I just tire of the puritanical attacks no matter what party they emanate from.

Raina S.
Via Internet

Moxley responds: Raina, I don't know what hurts more—that you don't remember me (the happiest guy at the Hollywood rubber party), or that you seem entirely to have missed my point: that Republicans, who haven't enjoyed a good gangbang since they jumped Lani Guinier, have dumped straighter-than-George-Hamilton Tom McClintock and proudly embraced a candidate whose lifestyle seems to have emerged full-blown from the back pages of theWeekly.


Broos Campbell needs to come down off his orange-barrel acid trip of 27 years ago [“Surviving the Dead,” Sept. 12]. Keith Moon's birthday is Aug. 23; John Entwistle's birthday is Oct. 9. The Who/Dead shows were Oct. 9-10, 1976. Also, Campbell's recollection of the show is much clouded by his acid trip. Though both bands played well, attendance for both shows wasn't what was expected; during the Oct. 9 show, the wind was blowing hard enough to compromise the high volume of the Who—it wasn't that loud. As a longtime Who fan who was there (and not stoned out of my mind), a much greater note was the fact that these two shows were the last by Keith in the States.

Steve French
Mission Viejo
Broos Campbell responds: Pissant, I suppose it would be pointless to wonder if you were the chick giving blowjobs in the men's room. . . . Okay, okay: I'm totally busted: it was Entwisle's birthday, not Keith's. Hey, it was 27 years ago, and I was frying like a pound of bacon on a red-hot griddle. But “it wasn't that loud”? Mercy!


The photo of bluesman Corey Harris accompanying Buddy Seigal's story on the PBS series The Blues [“Pale Blues,” Sept. 26] was captioned “Corey Hart” when in fact the person in the photo was Harris. Seigal points out that Harris is a “great American bluesman” while Hart was a “cheesedick Canadian pop-star of the '80s,” though Seigal fails to mention that Mr. Hart was dreamy.

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