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You belittle the memory of the true victims of the Third Reich (my father was one) with your frivolous use of the word “Nazi” to label politicians you don't like [Jim Washburn's “The NASCAR Nazi,” May 28]. Comparing Bush to Hitler and his diabolical associates simply betrays your own lack of historical perspective and ignorance as well as your blind partisan hatred. Yes, you who consider yourself an enlightened, compassionate, progressive are consumed with hatred as much as any Klansman.

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We know from his writing that Mr. Washburn can't recognize a real Nazi: he failed to label Saddam Hussein properly.

Steve White
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Washburn writes, “Andrew Johnson . . . didn't live in a time when his bad decisions could imperil our democracy.” Do you know when Andrew Johnson was president of the United States? He took office just days after the end of the Civil War: a time when our democracy was very much in peril.

Gary Duncan
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The following should apply to reporters, editors or whatever the hell Washburn is: “Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled or hanged.” That was President Abraham Lincoln.

Hugh W Pagett
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I live in the Bible Belt and just read Washburn's column on Bush. I'm jealous. Rarely have I come across a piece that so precisely puts a finger on the fear most of us feel when seeing the “Texan” smirk. I write editorials myself, host a radio program and anchor a local television newscast. I wish I could say those things without fear of either losing my job or having advertisers come after me with pitchforks.

Don Elkins
Host,Arkansas Tonight

For what does NASCAR deserve to be slimed in such a manner? Washburn provides no basis whatsoever in his linkage of NASCAR and Nazi Germany.

Ascap Scab
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Just read the “NASCAR Nazi” article. Some fun, huh? Let's hope when the crazies who want to kill all Americans—Democrats, Republicans, black, white, brown, young, old, infirm—make their next strike, it's on someone you love, rather than hate. I'm certain if it were the White House, you'd think it fitting; if it were your house, with your loved ones inside, you'd complain you weren't protected. Damn those Nazis; they never seem to be where they need to be.

Joe Tighe
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I hope Haidl defense lawyer Joseph Cavallo has a daughter, say about 16, who meets up with a bunch of “nice kids” like the Haidl gang. You know, kids being what they are, it just might happen. I bet Daddy Haidl, along with our elitist sheriff, would soon round up a posse and bring those rapists to trial. And with a little luck, they'd get a lawyer like Cavallo.

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Stacy Davies' wickedly funny article on Madonna was right on the mark [“Material Hurl,” May 28]. From the get-go, I found Madonna clichd and trite and unable to sing. I even had arguments with other women who claimed I was jealous of her. Yeah, right, if only I could bring myself to simulate masturbation in front of thousands of pimple-faced teens and years later whine to the world that the media was going to corrupt my precious children—imagine the respect I could have gained! Madonna has given singing, acting, parenting, writing and sex bad names for too long. Good for Stacy for calling this spazz a spazz!

Mary Coyne Wessling
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“No. 6. Divorced Sean Penn. He hit her. Not hard enough.” Not hard enough?! That kind of opinion turns my stomach! Not nice, not even funny. Shame on Stacy Davies.

Leslie W.
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Just because you don't like Madonna doesn't mean you should write such garbage about her. I suggest you go back to school and try another profession. Why don't you go pick on George W. Bush!



I found Gustavo Arellano's response to reader Taylor Ogden's letter puzzling [Letters, June 4]. First, Mr. Ogden's letter, while not perfectly structured, was certainly not rambling or illogical. But your response: “Your letter makes crystal clear why anyone would want to dump a bucket of urine on you.” I don't think this is the image you're looking for: “I, Gustavo, disagree with you, and therefore you deserve a face full of urine.” I mean, am I reaching here? Isn't that a bit extreme?

Jose Causi
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I was impressed with Taylor Ogden's letter to Gustavo Arellano. It is nice to hear some levelheaded sense. And, Gustavo, you should not have responded. It was the equivalent of saying, “I know you are, but what am I.”

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The editor responds: I agree with you, Jose, that Gustavo's response was extreme. It was also gnarly, totally rad and full-on bitchen in a break-all-the rules, not-content-to-be-a-mere-face-in-the-crowd kinda in-your-face paradigm. As for you, Todd, likening Gustavo's response to some grade-school putdown, I won't even dignify that with a response since you clearly have cooties. Still, I have a question for you: Why do you keep hitting yourself? Huh? Why do you keep hitting yourself, Todd? Huh?!

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