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I had the good fortune to attend the eighth annual OC Weekly Theater Awards at South Coast Repertory on March 22. As a frequent theater attendee—I attended 158 theatrical events last year—I have developed an appreciation of theater and an awareness that the selection of winners is principally an understanding of the art form with a blend of subjectivity and opinion. Unfortunately, the credibility of the event waned early when recognition for the Best New Play was awarded to The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow. I was surprised by the selection. The two “losing” plays performed at the Chance Theater were clearly superior to Jenny Chow. I cannot ignore that the award presentation was held on the same stage as Jenny Chow. Perhaps this was “payment” for use of the venue. I'm also aware that contemporary award ceremonies commonly include favoritism, politics and the obligatory use of the “F” word. Congratulations. You excelled in all three.

Earl See via e-mail

Joel Beers' selection of theater awards was wonderful, and I especially loved that you gave the Chance Theater such great recognition. These young people really do work very hard, and they are trying to do really good theater. I'm having a great time being involved with them. Thanks a lot, Joel, and congratulations on all your award choices!

Myrna Niles via e-mail


I truly enjoyed reading Gustavo Arellano's article on Mr. Argyros' follies in Spain [“Lost In Translation,” March 19]. As a Democrat, I agreed with a lot Gustavo had to say, but some questions remained unanswered for me: What is the solution to Argyros and the Bush policy? Will changing the government to the Democrats really make a difference? It seems to me that all these foreign negative comments about our country are simply anti-American and really have nothing to do with Bush or the Republicans. I lived in Europe during the '90s when Clinton was in office, and I still heard negative comments about America. What is so wrong with our country that makes others dislike us? If you ask me, it's because we are powerful, and someone always wants to tear down the powerful, whether it's Argyros or the USA. Peace.

Scott Tserpelo via e-mail


Thanks for the review of the new film Mayor of the Sunset Strip [Rich Kane's “This Godhead Life,” March 26]. When I heard the movie was about Rodney Bingenheimer, I, being a longtime SoCal resident and KROQ listener, instantly decided to see it. How sad about Rodney's life, but the good people always get short shrift, most especially in the entertainment industry. I remember hearing Rodney play the Bangles in the '80s, and the list of musicians I can say I heard first on his show is too long to list here. But I do want to say one thing publicly, and that is: Rodney, you made many a crummy and painful day happy for me with entertainment escapism, and how fun I find it to have been able to listen to new music first—along with all of those other fans with an open mind and a love for music. I find it nice that KROQ keeps him on, as well as Jed the Fish, another industry classic here in SoCal. And how admirable for Gwen Stefani to participate and remember who helped get her where she is. I am even more a No Doubt/Gwen fan than I was before. GOD SAVE RODNEY!!!

J.P. Huntington Beach


Hot damn! That R. Scott Moxley is a great reporter. He gets all the juice all the time. I was salivating while reading his reports on Haidl and Jaramillo last week. Good job.

S. Edmond El Dabe Huntington Beach

I am an OC Weekly junkie, and I work in the City Hall in Anaheim. Down the street at the coffee shop in Anaheim where I pick up my weekly dose of good taste, there are always a bunch of suits having lunch, either city personnel or bigwigs from the SBC building. I had just picked up last week's copy and settled down to read with my cup o' joe, when a triplet of nice suits walked by the OC Weekly box, apparently after some important power lunch or something, and I heard one of them say ominously, “They'll just love this in the next edition of OC Weekly.” Scanning this week's edition, I haven't seen anything yet. But you're making the suits in Anaheim sweat about something. Keep up the good work! And Gustavo Arellano, keep on keepin' on: you're my role model. And that cute girl in the Condom Revolution ads—I love her!

Name withheld Anaheim

I am sick and tired of your left-wing paper printing letter after letter from pinko liberal pseudo-intellectuals who have nothing better to do than criticize our great president and his wonderful administration. So what if George Bush lied to us and everyone else on the planet in order to get us into an unjust war with Iraq, which had no WMDs and no connection to terrorists? And so what if 2 million of us have lost our jobs since Bush took the oath of office? Like every patriotic American, I am voting for Bush this November, and I pray he will win. If it looks like he might lose, I can only hope the Supreme Court steals the election again.

Lou Cohan Cypress


Chester: You don't send a letter to LA Weekly vaguely threatening legal action over a statement in OC Weeklyin order to win editorial coverage for anal ring toss—a game you may have trademarked but certainly didn't invent: as Catholics, we were playing games involving the insertion of various things in our bottoms long before it was cool. We called it religion class.

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