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Please offer my heartfelt apologies to American citizen Nadia Afghani for the actions of her government [“Terror-fied,” July 9]. Nadia, know that most Americans are humiliated and equally “terror-fied” by the actions of these “Patriots.” We know that one day we'll be receiving a post card.

Liz Rimeolla
via e-mail

Nadia Afghani writes: “And now, with an indirect link to suspected terrorist Gadahn, the members of the Islamic Society of Orange County find ourselves presented with the task of clearing our names once again.” Whose task should it be? Take some damn responsibility for your congregation. You sound like the Catholic Church denying responsibility for the molestations. Can she guarantee that not even one of her congregants will ever become violent?

Todd Hansen
Laguna Hills

The editor responds: Fair enough, Todd, as long as you as an American are willing to take responsibility for John Wayne Gacy, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Eric Rudolph and the Jim Crow South. Can you guarantee that not even one of your countrymen will ever become violent?

You have a stupid intern cover herself in the American flag, which she doesn't understand or have a concept of the history of the U.S. Why not tell your readers of the collaboration between Muslim and Nazis during World War II? Islam still survives while Nazism has been defeated. Oh, but again, she plays the wounded duck attempting to sucker the liberal left into their cause, which goes off without difficulty. You bastards have the arrogance to entertain a column by this person who would as soon shoot you if you were on her turf (the Middle East). You deserve what you have coming to you.

Victor Arismendez Jr.
via e-mail

The editor responds: Hey Victor, sorry we couldn't get into the whole Nazi-Muslim connection. Why not? We believed if we mentioned that, then we'd also have to mention the Nazi-Christian collaboration and the Nazi-Vatican collaboration, and the piece would have lost focus. But forget that. What I really wanted to compliment you on was your sentence: “Oh, but again, she plays the wounded duck attempting to sucker the liberal left into their cause, which goes off without difficulty.” Everyone agrees it has set a new standard for incomprehensibility, even more than that e-mail we got from Estonia. Congratulations—you deserve it!


Back when I was a subscriber to the LA Times and Dana Parsons had his biweekly column writing on little life tidbits, I could tell he was a smarmy little asswipe who liked to write bitchy little pieces that were more about him seeing his own self-important words in print than anything close to saying something. Happily, I'm not a Times subscriber anymore, and I'm really not surprised to read Parsons didn't do a good job reporting on the Haidl trial [R. Scott Moxley's “Justice Takes a Pool Cue,” July 5]. The whole thing stinks so bad I can hardly stand it. The Haidl kid and his father should both go to a state prison and get the karma they both deserve, served directly up the sphincter.

Name withheld by request
via e-mail


I just read Gustavo Arellano's “What I Want to Kill When I Grow Up” [July 2], and it's disgusting. I don't know who this Little Timmy Bueler is, but please tell him to go and read about Islam before he opens his dirty mouth. If Little Tim is still strong on his word, then do tell him . . . BRING IT ON!

Muslim Girl
via e-mail

So, I'm assuming a few thoughtful, caring, loving Americans went out and kicked this spoiled little brat's ass. He's an adult now, right? Tell him to come to the East Coast; I'll show him around.

Skott Wade
via e-mail

I consider your article on Tim Bueler doubly ignorant in saying that conservatives dream of killing Muslims. I'm Latino and conservative, and I have Arab grandparents. I think you're trying to create a divide between Muslim and illegal immigrants and natives of this country who are conservative. Why don't you try to create peace instead of creating more divisiveness?

Elisur Yeje
via e-mail

Gustavo Arellano responds: Elisur, I'm not trying to create any divide—that's your conservative brothers. Last I checked, liberals weren't calling Islam a religion of evil or blaming Latino illegal immigrants for Sept. 11.


I just finished reading Chris Ziegler's hatchet job on the Bay City Rollers, and I feel as though I just watched a schoolyard brawl between a football player and a kindergartner [“New Face in Hell,” July 16]. C'mon, Chris, talk about shooting fish in a barrel! No doubt you have considerable writing skills, but to turn them full force on a bunch of old guys just trying to squeeze out a few bucks plying their trade—well, that seems a bit much.

Dalia Moler
via e-mail

Chris Ziegler responds: Iam sorry. It is just how I felt.


Steve Lowery's Diary of a Mad County is my favorite thing in your paper—in any paper, actually. Not only is he hilarious, but also his political outlook is almost always right on. But then he made the crack this week about trying to figure out what famous person would die next, and he “voted my hope: Bruce Willis” [July 9]. And after I stopped laughing—in public, by the way—I came to the conclusion Steve and I are more than politically connected; we're soul mates.

Mora Arkust

Steve Lowery responds: Say it all you want, Mora, but even with this state's generous community-property statutes, it'll never hold up in court.

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