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Re: Gustavo Arellano's “What I Want to Kill When I Grow Up,” July 2: Next time you see Tim Bueler, you might want to ask him, after he kills the Muslims, are the niggers next?

Steve Strong
via e-mail

You infer that Bueler wants to kill Muslims of every degree of their faith. It is obvious he is referring to the hardcore Muslims who take every written passage of the Koran literally (i.e., Jihad). Yes, the Koran of that peaceful religion known as Islam. A religion founded by a psychopath known as Muhammad.

James Directo
via e-mail

As a Muslim, I am terrified by Bueler's opinions. However, this is not really surprising to me. Recently, I took my 17-month-old son to the Crystal Cathedral. People were singing religious songs and having a good time. After the songs, a man (I think it was the pilot who bombed a restaurant where Saddam was believed to be) started talking about the war in Iraq. They then started talking about how we should eliminate the evil people from this world and how the U.S. was bringing freedom to Iraq. I wanted to scream and say, “This is the house of God, and you are talking about killing people. Shame on you!” They are talking about killing people in a church.

Name withheld by request

Is it any wonder the rest of the world thinks the people in the USA are fucking nuts and dangerous?

Merion Langsworth
via e-mail

If an American-born Muslim talked like that, he would be in jail without access to a lawyer. Equality under the law, my foot. It'll be interesting when Bueler joins the Army Rangers (if they will have him) if there are one or two Muslims in his boot-camp group. What is he going to do—kill them, too?

Cathy Baar
San Diego

If this boy thinks he will join the Army with that racist, hate-filled antagonism, he MUST BE JOKING! Apparently, the young man doesn't know that his big mouth has already undermined his chances of being accepted into the Army even as a cook, let alone a member of the elite Rangers. Moreover, the military will definitely be aware of his statements, and with all that has taken place today—such as Abu Ghraib—his chances are almost nil. What I'm saying is that he hasn't done his homework: the Army will not accept people whom it can be demonstrated have expressed hate-filled, racist, anti-government views. Yes, I can tell you almost with certainty that the United States Army Recruiting Command will definitely hear about this.

A former Army recruiter
via e-mail


I really enjoyed the cover story in this week's OC Weekly and would like to compliment author Nadia Afghani on her courage [“Terror-fied,” July 9].

Mia Prinzen
via e-mail


As a victim of abuse at the hands of Eleuterio “Big Al” Ramos, I commend Gustavo Arellano's work on behalf of us victims [“Hide the Buggering Priests!” July 9]. It is nice to know the crap that flows out of the mouth of the bishop and his cronies does not blind a good practicing Catholic such as Gustavo.

Name withheld by request
via e-mail

Thank you for your honest portrayal of the Church and their participation in the exploitation of children. I've often wondered how my siblings and I would have been treated in 1965 to 1968 had we come forward to tell the authorities we were being molested by my brother's high school vice principal? In 1980, when I finally felt brave enough to speak to my pastor about it, he dismissed me by saying I was “old enough to know better.” So for another 20 years, I stayed silent, until two years ago when someone brave enough came forward to tell his story. It was as if a heavy burden had finally been lifted from our shoulders when we realized we weren't the only ones.

I realize our world really hasn't changed since 1965. The world is not as enlightened as we would like to believe it is. Dark secrets and hidden agendas still exist. Those in power still think the rules don't apply to them.

Name withheld by request
via e-mail


Gregory Haidl's crew of jerks—and his dad—deserves all the vitriol being sent their way by Weekly writers and readers, but why so much hate for the lawyers [R. Scott Moxley's “Unreasonable Doubts?” July 2]? Obviously, defense attorneys are very often put in the position of defending really offensive characters, but this is an inherent tenet of our adversarial system. Perhaps if our justice system did not impose the most crushingly punitive sentences in the Western world, defenders would not be so zealous in their defense of assholes.

Yes, Haidl and his droogs should pay some sort of restitution to Jane Doe, do a couple of years and get treatment. But that mode of justice has become unthinkable in the U.S., just as it has become orthodox in those civilized nations on the continent.

via e-mail


We regret calling MC5 drummer Dennis Thompson “Michael Thompson” (Chris Ziegler's “After After After,” July 9). We also regret the previous week's error calling deceased Cramps guitarist Bryan Gregory “Byron Gregory.” We also regret the following errors discovered during a review of the past six months' of OC Weekly music articles: Tony Ramone, Dopey Ramone, Stiv Vicious, Sid Bators, Ronnie Rotten, Ralph Morrissey, Handsome Chad Manitoba, Lux McInterior, Exene Cervenkerson, Richard Hellman, Debbie O'Harry, Harvey Crash, Joe Strummerstein and G.G. Ellen Allin.

Meanwhile, we mistakenly inserted Shelly Long into the movie Stripes in our July 2 Special Screenings. It was actually P.J. Soles who starred alongside Bill Murray, not Long.

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