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I was one of the candidates mentioned in Matt Coker's “Pussies Galore! What local candidates don't want voters to know” [July 30]. Just for the record, I am not hiding anything. I looked through my candidate package and found the survey Coker wrote about. I never even filled it out. Oops. Since I do not have a campaign manager and I am running three campaigns (Assembly District 67, Huntington Beach City Council and Ocean View School District), I am stretched a bit thin. I also spent a great deal of time hand-painting 200 campaign signs as well as attending City Council and school board meetings. Oh, yeah, I also took a one-week vacation. These are not excuses. Just an explanation. Actually, it's John Kerry's fault. Tomorrow, I will contact Project Vote Smart to see if a late entry would be accepted. A double-truck spread of my explanation with a picture would be most appreciated.

Norm “Firecracker” Westwell
(Your big, fat Libertarian pussy in Assembly District 67)
Huntington Beach

The editor responds: Westwell later faxed us his completed Project Vote Smart survey.

Instead of calling the wimps BIG FAT PUSSIES try calling them LIMP WIENERS since that is the natural state of man: limp. How about limp and flaccid meat? Or soft and squishy hot dogs? Or soft and squishy wieners? You get the idea. You are a misogynist.

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I read Nadia Afghani's articles “Terror-fied,” [July 9] and the one about Loretta Sanchez [“Coming Up Roses,” July 23]. You know that if she wrote like that in an Arab-Muslim country, she would probably be killed, correct? Plus, as a woman, she would probably not be allowed to work on the newspaper, correct? Nadia seems like a nice lady, but Islamic-Arab countries are among the most totalitarian in the history of countries. Face it, Nadia, Islam is a false religion. If the U.S. were to become an Islamic state, as I'm sure you would wish, you wouldn't even be allowed to drive a car, you silly rabbit!

Huntington Beach

I do have some measure of sympathy for Ms. Afghani's family, but she's whining entirely too much about a situation brought upon her by other Muslims. Ms. Afghani: Sept. 11, the USS Cole, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Bali bombing, the Moscow theater hostage siege, attacks and kidnappings in Iraq, suicide bombings in Israel (the list is long, need I go on?) weren't caused by eight-year-old American girls or teenaged Norwegian boys, but primarily young to middle-aged men. If you're looking for potential terrorists, you're going to look among your pool of likeliest suspects. Sept. 11 happened because we weren't looking hard enough. If you want to stop the profiling and the suspicion of your family, friends and neighbors, appeal to Muslims worldwide to stop the extremism and terrorism. Americans aren't persecuting you; your fellow Muslims are.

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The editor responds: Interesting that both of you are so eager to paint Muslims with such a broad brush when, as Anonymous points out, there's an even more basic connection with all of these attacks: they were perpetrated by men. You know men are a frightening bunch, correct? Men are responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing and the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades and Red Lobster restaurants and World Wars I and II, as well as all of the other, non-numbered wars. So let's stop blaming Muslims—or, S.G., rabbits—for all the bad that happens in the world and put the blame where it belongs: with men. Limp, flaccid, soft and squishy men. Them and Michael Eisner.


My brother and myself both have cases pending against the Diocese of Orange. I appreciate Gustavo Arellano's efforts to keep the diocese in front of the spotlights. I've recently been tuned in to Gustavo's stories, and I have been deeply moved by his unwavering devotion to our cause.

Name withheld by request
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M-I- . . . SI!

Regarding Steve Lowery's “Mickey Mouse Clubbed” [July 16]: Excellent. True. On the money. And I am laughing so hard I have to hold on to my chair. God bless Disney—no one else will!

Tara Williamson
via e-mail

For months now, I've been thinking that Michael Eisner has been setting this company up for failure. Some kind of vengeance, maybe, because of stockholder revolt? Possibly he doesn't want to let go, so he's going to make us all pay (I'm also a shareholder)? When he came on board in 1984, I was an employee of the company. I saw the changes starting even back then, beginning with the strike at Disneyland. “Take away” was becoming a household word over at the Magic Kingdom. The term “layoffs” also became commonplace in an organization where it was almost unheard of. I've been laid off from there four times, and I'd still like to get back. When Comcast wanted a hostile takeover, Disney responded with “The price is too low.” That statement in itself was pretty low, insinuating it would stoop to a takeover if the price were right. I fear Disneyland's 50th-anniversary celebration will be budgeted down to practically nothing because of the latest shenanigans, and that makes me sad.


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