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The cover of your newspaper powerfully affected me as I was confronted by the faces of all those Americans who have died in the Iraq war and the face of the man who killed them [“Burning Bush: The Issue,” Oct. 8].

William Yarchin
Huntington Beach

I have recommended OC Weekly to many business owners who needed to advertise their services. After seeing the horrible article about President Bush, I will no longer recommend your publication. John Kerry missed 76 percent of his votes over his 20-year period of being a Senator. Just think if you had an employee that missed 76 percent of his job. Would you keep that person as an employee? Kerry did not attend one intelligence meeting for a whole year after the first World Trade Center was bombed. When you go for an interview to get a new job, you do not give them a rsum and put what you did 30 years ago in it. After seeing his past record, how can anyone vote to give someone a promotion when he is not doing his job now?

Address withheld
The editor responds: D., George W. Bush and conservatives often talk about personal responsibility, but when someone asks them to take some, they lash out and blame others. Likewise, you criticize John Kerry when the point of the article was criticism of Bush's presidency heaped upon him by people from his own political party and ideological background. As an aside, I would cease using the “job” analogy as a means to knock Kerry, since George W. Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover not to create a single new job during his term in office. LITHUANIA MANIA

There's a Lithuania Town in Orange County [Steve Lowery's “Diary of a Mad County,” Oct. 8]? Where is it? Hungry Lithuanians want to know. Can I get kugelas? Bet they don't have another Lithuanian specialty—hempseed buns.

Sandy Genis
via e-mail
Steve Lowery responds: Alas, Sandy, I was just kidding about Lithuania Town. I've never seen a Lithuania Town, so I have to assume it does not exist. Then again, I'm told Donald Bren exists when, to my knowledge, no one has seen him since the turn of the century—though, rumor has it, there is film of him swimming in the Yangtze. Still, your love of hempseed buns confirms what I've always suspected of Lithuanians: Lithuanians love hempseed buns! NOBLE WASTE

Re: Rebecca Schoenkopf's Sept. 24 Commie Girl column: As a Democrat who has worked for the Colorado Democratic Party in field operations and was a congressional delegate to the '96 Chicago convention, I just wanted to say how proud I am of your comments. The only way to attack them bad guys is by being nastier and more of a smart-ass. You must have some political experience because you're soooocynical. I was the same way. It's just so hard to become active in the political world, at the same time realizing it doesn't mean shit. Rebecca, I have some stories of taking on the Religious Right in the biggest right-wing area of the U.S., and yes, my stories are boring and didn't change anything in any race from city council to president. But I'm proud of my stories even though I guess I did waste three years of my life in politics. Anyways, I hope that you keep your job after that column.

Richard C. Jarrett

In Gustavo Arellano's article “They Saved Paradise, Put Up With a Parking Lot” [June 25], Toni Iseman failed to state that the gravel lot was already being used by the city without proper improvements to control runoff and point-source pollution. The project had already been approved, and at the last minute, Iseman decided to block it. We really need that yard so we can properly maintain the city and keep it clean. I would like to suggest Iseman does as she pleases when it suits her purposes. We elected her, and now we have to find a way to get rid of her.

Stephen Pappin
Laguna Beach

In his letter regarding Greg Stacy's review of Office Space [“Stuck in the Middle Class With You,” Sept. 10], Jaimes Palacio takes issue with Greg's past reviews of Rocky Horror and “outs” me as one of two Weekly writers who've belonged to a Rocky cast. The other, of course, is Steve Lowery, who has never looked better than in fishnets and a sequined halter top. Which is kind of sad, really, but I digress. I have no issues with anything Greg's written about Rocky over the years. I'm very fond of that time in my life, although I wonder how outr it can be considered in this day and age, when you can see much stranger things on the Fox Network. OC Weekly has published several pieces by me that have had a different take on Rocky than Greg's. Other writers, who likewise see it differently, have also touched upon the scene. Frankly, I think most Weeklywriters would agree that geeks and misfits are our people—I mean, just look at the Letters section! The important thing is that, like any subculture, it's a group the paper has always looked upon with a sort of multifaceted fascination, one that will always look different depending on what lens you use to look at it.

Victor D. Infante
Steve Lowery responds: BASTARD! DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS

Last week, we erroneously reported that the McCharles House—which was listed under “Eight Places to Hang Out With Mom”)—is located in Orange. In fact, the fabled Orange County teahouse is located at 335 S. C St. in the city of Tustin. You can make reservations by calling (714) 731-4063. We apologize for the error.

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