I agree with your article that the way the Alipaz Community Association is being run is wrong, and the board is out of control [Nick Schou's “Homeowners Penitentiary,” Sept. 17]. But the real fault lies with Ray Cristo, “Chris N Terry” and the other neighbors who were whining but not taking any action. The homeowners elect the board! If they don't like the way the board is running, run for the board themselves or at least show up to a couple of meetings and let the board know their opinion! “Chris” et. al, quit yer whining and get involved. Or move!

Mark Faiman
Foothill Ranch

After years of living under oppressive CC&Rs we escaped from Orange County to Inyo County were we can: 1) hang wash outside 2) breathe fresh air 3) walk out the front door without locking it. Pity to those of you who have chosen to live in the sparkling new areas that offer “gated” security, mortgaging their lives to “the man.” I'm happy to have escaped with my life.

K. Hunter
Via email

Thank you for exposing Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido for the hypocrite that he is [Gustavo Arellano's “Good Choo-Choo, Bad Choo-Choo,” Sept. 10]. The fact that Santa Ana is ranked as the No. 1 toughest place to live is a direct result of Pulido's policies and lack of leadership. Under his reign, low-income housing has been torn down and replaced with upscale, single-family homes. He chose to ignore the positive growth in education under the leadership of Nativo Lopez and his allies on the school board, and instead sided with an avowed racist like Ron Unz and supported the recall of Nativo. Pulido has proven himself to be a malinchista at every turn. For the good of the people, we must remove him from power.

Sean H. Mill
Santa Ana

Steve Lowery's article states that Enoch Lonnie Ford–who accused TBN's Paul Crouch of having sex with him–had a hit with “16 Tons” when, in fact, it was Tennessee Ernie Ford who sung the song [“Diary of a Mad County,” Sept. 17]. Ernie Ford died in 1991. I think a retraction and a big apology is due on your part to Tennessee Ernie Ford's family because he was a fine, Christian man.

Nell Ford Via email

“Tennessee” Ernie Ford sang “16 Tons” in the '50s. Enoch Lonnie Ford is an admittedly troubled, sometime drug addict who worked for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Terry L. Ford
Fayetteville, NC
Steve Lowery responds: Are you two related to Tennessee Ernie Ford? That would be so cool! Hey, of course I knew that Tennessee Ernie wasn't the guy saying he got it on with Paul Crouch. That was just a little literary license. I love Tennessee Ernie, think “16 Tons” is one of the great populist songs and crack up whenever I see him on I Love Lucy. So please know that I'm well aware that Enoch Lonnie Ford didn't sing “16 Tons,” that he is, in fact, a person who's struggled with drugs, was the innovator of the assembly line and played guitar in the pioneering girl band The Runaways. MUSICK

I'm so very proud of Ellen Griley's article “Noise Nazis” [Clubbed! Sept.3] for informing Orange County about the depressing state of live music and entertainment in San Clemente. I lost a gig at Duke's Griddle N' Grill (107 El Camino Real) playing live reggae–REGGAE!–with Trinidad's Kyng Arthur. Mind you, Kyng Arthur is not some loud five-piece band; we used to play every Friday at the old Dalaney's in Dana Point–next to the Harbor Police station–entertaining the elderly who came to dine and dance. It seems that professional musicians cannot survive in South County. I wonder if San Clementians will soon miss the piped Musak outside of Starbucks?

Dale Hauskins
San Clemente

Thank you to Gustavo Arellano for continuing to expose what the crime syndicate that calls themselves “Catholic priests” are all about: themselves [“Lifestyles of the Rich and Pious,” Sept. 17]. Their wishes, their wants, desires, whimsies and comfort. Charity work? Acts of kindness? That type of work is best left up to the congregation and nuns. By the way, where do most of the nuns live? My guess is that [Bishop] Tod Brown has them jammed into a tool shed-sized shack in Garden Grove.

M. Danko Huntington Beach

The property listings were sobering and put into perspective that the building of palatial cathedrals at this time in the American Catholic Church is nothing short of a travesty designed to divert.

Rita Mignacca
University at Albany, NY

Now you're complaining about something legitimate! The greed among religious leaders is unforgivable.

Todd Hansen
Laguna Hills

Though I am not an Office Space geek, I disagree that the movie is only funny because of the character Milt [Greg Stacy's “Stuck in the Middle Class With You,” Sept. 10]. However, what really disturbs me is his constant degradation of anyone who doesn't fit Greg Stacy's perceived idea of “normal”; describing all fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as “weird” or “geeks.” There is a difference between “misfits” which, yes, many of us were, and weirdoes, which implies bands of drooling sociopaths chasing virginal cheerleaders (contradiction in terms?) with chainsaws. In any large group, there are always a few weirdoes but the truth is that many RHPS alumni went on to prosperous normal careers. In fact, I know of at least two RHPS alumni who have written for this very paper: one by the name of Victor Infante remains quite a respected journalist.

Jaimes Palacio Irvine Greg Stacy responds: I wasn't using the words “geek,” “weird” or “misfit” in a pejorative sense. I'm a weird, geeky misfit myself and I've dabbled in>Rocky Horror fandom. I'm ambivalent about the conformist aspects, but I think it's a fine social network for freaky people and if I bruised any fan feelings that wasn't my intention.

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