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I think I have read all of Gustavo Arellano's articles on the Diocese of Orange sex-abuse scandal, but after reading the one about winners and losers [“Boy-Buggering Bingo!” Dec. 24], I am prompted to write and congratulate you. The Diocese of Orange is a sick joke, a pathetic caricature of religion. I watched the sideshow the night of the settlement: Tod Brown hugging everyone–what a farce. It took 110 million bucks to get his attention. Thanks again a million times over for all you do for truth and for the many that see hope in this truth. God bless you—the Church sure as hell won't.

Tom Doyle
via e-mail

(Editor's note: Doyle is a former priest who authored a secret memo to all Catholic bishops 20 years ago, warning them of the sex-abuse scandal within the Catholic Church.)

Just want you to know how grateful I and other survivors are about Gustavo Arellano's persistence in exposing the sex-abuse crisis in Orange. As a victim abused in Orange, thank you for telling how the abuse has been covered up over the years. Your articles give hope to many other victims of clergy sexual abuse who also have been brushed under the rug. Journalists like you, Gustavo, are like guardian angels to victims, who feel they are up against angels of darkness guarding abusive priests and those who aided, abetted and harbored these criminals. I hope it brings more protection for kids and some sight to those still blinded in the church pews.

Mary Grant
Western Regional Director
Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Please add to the losers list the thousands of boys whose male lovers have been torn away from them by the witch-hunt you promote. Intergenerational sexual relationships (ISRs) of willing participants are quite common, usually harmless, can be beneficial, and derive from natural human impulses of older and younger people for interaction. The record of history shows them to be innate in humans and from time to time either celebrated or condemned by greater society. Reporting of ISRs between males often incorporates common bias and prejudice that such contacts always “damage the victim for life,” “rob innocence,” etc. Strong scientific research shows that permanent damage from an ISR is by far not as severe or as universal as commonly believed. Often bias and prejudice in the form of homophobia and anti-sexuality is a factor in public response and news reports about ISRs. Editors and reporters should take care to report the full story of such very personal and complex events.

Peter Christian
via e-mail

(Editor's note: According to his e-mail, “Peter Christian is a resource for reporters, politicians and policy makers seeking credible information and commentary about healthy intergenerational sexual relationships as practiced, celebrated or prosecuted by society and individuals. He focuses primarily on male same-sex relationships and contacts, commonly known as Boy Love.”)

Editor responds: Eeeeewwww!

Editor, just noticing: Heheheh, “Christian.”

Editor, just realizing: Heheheh, “Peter.”


Re: R. Scott Moxley's “Hazardous Waist,” Dec. 24: I worked as a bodyguard/driver for strippers for five years, and I never had to hit or rip anyone off. I worked with “full service” girls and regular strippers doing parties and private shows. Elizabeth Nava and Daniel Louis Parra got what they deserved. I feel horrible for George and his family. Sad story.



I am a former city councilman and mayor of Huntington Beach. I just received some of the background info on the doin's in my old hometown, and I am sad but angry. I want to compliment you on your “open letter” to the police chief, Kenneth Small [Nick Schou's “Arrest Houchen Now, Ask Questions Later,” July 16]. I thought it very appropriate and to the point. I do not know Chief Small, but I hope he has been professional enough to respond to you. My chief was Earle Robitaille, and I know Earle would have responded. I am proud of the press for not allowing this type of dirty behavior to go on in a great city like Huntington Beach.

Jerry A. Matney
via e-mail


I was intrigued by the title of “Ask a Mexican” and the inquiry as to why Mexicans are “such pigs” [Dec. 10]. Reading the response by Gustavo Arellano, I was smirking to myself with his remarks about wiping rich culos, thinking to myself, “It's about time a Latino writer wrote like this in Orange County.” That is, until I read the last line about why Mexicans don't need to clean their houses because “that's what the Guatemalans are for.” That's fucked-up.

Andrea Daily
UC Irvine student/formerOC Weekly reader

What happened to ask a Mexican? I missed it this week.

Jim Pyle
via e-mail


Like many others, I've been following the Steve Rocco storyfrom the very edge of my chair. There has been quite a bit of talk about a connection between Rocco and the late (?) Andy Kaufman. But I'm somewhat confused at the certainty you seem to possess when you state, “His beard and glasses helped conceal his true identity: the late performance artist Andy Kaufman.” Do you mean that? Is it metaphor? Do you have factual information that you aren't revealing? My suspicion is that you're just trying to stir the pot a bit, but I'd love a brief explanation if you have a moment to spare.

via e-mail

Editor responds: Clearly, the intention of stories stating that a member of the Orange School Board is in fact deceased comic Andy Kaufman is apparent and needs no explanation, “brief” or otherwise. So I ask you, Josh: Is there informationyou aren't revealing?FACTUAL information?

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