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John Underwood's article on the LA County Sheriff's Department's efforts to establish a new base of operations within Orange County was informative [“Whirlybird Brained,” March 11]. What many fail to recognize in this fiasco, however, is the supporting role being played by the Orange County sheriff. Under the LA proposal, the OCSD would also operate helicopters out of the facility and have a staff at the shiny new complex right next to their LA County brothers. Many people at the Los Alamitos meeting last month were quick to point out the LASD was a no-show, but no one questioned the OCSD representatives who were at the meeting. Interestingly, the OCSD has not hovered in place that quietly since they got caught shuttling Jamarillo to the airport.


This Chmait situation smells a little like that Rancho Toll Road situation in which a couple of upstanding youths were supposedly violently attacked by a savage cabbage from the Hell's Angels social club. The public perception was that a blood-crazed individual who was probably high on meth unleashed his fury and rage upon two wee young fellows. The local news and the papers took their side, and who wouldn't after seeing their plaintive mother wringing her hands and sobbing—the truth was obvious. I mean, the guy was a filthy biker. Oh, wait, those twins threatened, harassed, assaulted and attacked the biker. That's right, his whole life got wrecked because of the rush to judgment before the facts came out. I'm not saying the Chmait case is exactly the same [Nick Schou's “No Justice for Bassim,” March 4]; I'm just saying maybe bide for a moment, lest ye be smitten by thy own misplaced venom.


NickSchou responds:What was striking about the Chmait case is that I didn't see any rush to judgment—rather the opposite. My article pointed out that a month after the shooting, there was still no arrest and the investigation was ongoing. Now that Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has sent the case to the grand jury, we'll, as you say, bide our time and see what does—or doesn't—happen.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to Gustavo Arellano for including an Excel spreadsheeton the OC Weeklywebsite of all the names of pedophile priests and the parishes they were assigned to and the years they were there. I went through the list, searching for my parish until I found it. I nearly vomited because while that pervert was serving in my parish, I was in third grade, which means I was already receiving communion. It sickens me that I took holy bread from the hands of a pedophile. I haven't been to Mass in more than four years because of this scandal, and I doubt I will ever go back to being a Catholic.


Rebecca Schoenkopf wants to know where is the humanism in the California New Old Masters [“Needs More Human,” March 4]. I believe that what the “CNOM”s lack in gravity, they make up for in determination. They have been abandoned by academia and the art press (except for Rebecca and Doug Harvey of your sister publication). With the art world's back facing them, they put their noses to the technical grindstone. For this reason, we sometimesfind aesthetic quality that lacks, for better way of putting it, a personal/universal depth. With the press' and the public's new appreciation, the CNOMs will certainly continue to improve.


Please pass this on to the imbecile who wrote anonymously defending Greg Haidl [Letters, March 11]: I am so tired of hearing the same old, baseless justifications (“She was a slut, so she deserved what she got!”). I will shout this out for you to make it perfectly clear: IT IS INCONSEQUENTIAL IF SHE WAS NOT A VIRGIN OR WAS AN ALIEN FROM A PLANET WHERE GROUP SEX WITH JELL-O IS THE COMMON FREAKIN' RELIGION—RAPE IS WRONG! Furthermore, what gall to suggest Jane Doe be named! Here's a clue for you, moron: Haidl's name is being smeared, not only because he is a criminal, but also because he's a titanic jerk who is incapable of remorse. Finally, you suggest that journalist Moxley and defendant Haidl duke it out in a cage fight. I have a better idea: you and me, high noon. All I'll have to do is pop your head with a pin because, apparently, the only thing it contains is air.


I am Brandon Maxfield's lawyer. Your Diary of a Mad County column is one of my favorites. Today's column was hysterical [March 11]. But forgive one small correction: it wasn't the Bryco guns that failed testing by three out of three California certified labs. It was the Jimenez JA-9 that failed that testing, causing the California Department of Justice to order Jimenez to stop manufacturing in California and leading him to that lush state to our east that you so aptly described.


Joel Beers, I read your review of HitlerInLove[“Avant-'Tard,” March 4]. If you know how to portray Hitler better than Ms. Cynthia Galles does, which is what you claim in your review, why don't you stick your neck out and write a play about him? Whether or not Ms. Galles attempts at introducing you to her avante-garde presentation were successful is of no consequence. She presented portals, and it seems you did not go through any of them because you did not see the play you had anticipated.


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