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I am the senior pastor of the Vineyard Chattanooga (Tennessee), and I wanted you to know that most Vineyardites are very aware of Lonnie Frisbee's story and look at it from the perspective of how God uses flawed people to share his power and grace—recognizing we are flawed in some capacity. Matt Coker wrote that Vineyard history does not acknowledge Lonnie's role; that simply is not the case [“The First Jesus Freak,” March 4]. In the book QuestfortheRadicalMiddle:AHistoryoftheVineyard,the better part of a chapter is dedicated to Lonnie's role in shaping the Vineyard and does not sugarcoat Lonnie's flaws. While this is not an “official” Vineyard history—there is no such thing—it is the one recommended to all church members interested in the history of the Vineyard and is prominently listed on the national website (www.vineyardusa.com). I am not ashamed of Lonnie, nor do I know any of my colleagues who are.



Hey, Rebecca Schoenkopf, I just read your take on Arnold [“Hello, San Diego!” March 11]. Nice. I only hope people catch the irony. Why is this county so damn blind?



Gustavo Arellano, as a Mexican-American, I find it offensive that you would accept an employment position degrading your own race. If you are of Mexican descent, why would you allow the company you work for to portray Mexicans with that awful picture used in Ask a Mexican? Not only am I a fellow Mexican-American, but I'm also an American veteran of Desert Storm. I know I didn't fight for a country that portrays Mexicans the way your magazine does. You even allow them to ask racist questions that you have no problems answering. A person of your intelligence should not be representing our race because you're setting us back 200 years. In your world, we might as well be farmers. In my case and in my family's, we are smart, educated and very well-off. People like you should be ashamed of yourself. I fell sorry for you!! How do you live with yourself?


I find it interesting that you started the article about how the reader should “loathe Jim Gilchrist” [Gustavo's Arellano's “The Anti-Immigrant Movement's Trotsky,” Feb. 11]. Then you go on and give us only reasons to admire the man.


I think Jim Gilchrist is a complete idiot. Doesn't he see that America is run by immigrants? Doesn't he see that immigrants will do the most hard-working jobs for the minimum wage? If his people had to immigrate somewhere else because of necessity, not for pleasure, he wouldn't like it if others were to hunt them down like animals! Immigrants are not animals!


Not too many years ago, the largest number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. were Irish, and wonder of wonders, nobody cared. Fact is they may still make up a sizable portion of the illegals living in the U.S., and if this were so, still no one would give a damn. The people do not care about white folks hiding out from the INS, but let others come to this country to try to better themselves or to earn a little to help the folks at home, and we are up in arms and ready to defend the borders with the army, as long as it is our southern border. What happens at the northern border? No one knows or cares, except that is where most of the terrorists came through.



I had to laugh reading your recent article about Chris Cox [Steve Lowery's “He's Got Gas,” Feb. 25]. Wasn't he one of the leaders in the Republican charge for term limits 15 or so years ago? So could someone tell me why the deuce he's still hanging around in Congress after all this time (other than to provide a conduit for the special interests to the House Republicans' favor bank)?



Nick Schou's latest attack on the San Onofre power plant—and nuclear power in general—is the most sensationalized distortion you've published [“The Cuban Solution,” March 11]. Many environmentalists, including such luminaries as Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore (“Nuclear power is the best way to drastically cut fossil-fuel consumption”) and Friends of the Earth's Bishop Hugh Montefiore (“To avoid global catastrophe, nuclear energy is essential. In my view, there is no other way”), are great proponents of nuclear power. Nuclear power has an outstanding safety record, part of the reason being exactly what you criticize: routine replacement of plant components with new ones of improved design and/or materials. If you want to agonize over terrorism, consider that had we aggressively built nuclear-power plants during the first oil crisis, we might have weaned ourselves off Middle Eastern oil, thereby removing our funding from the region.


While I am a proponent of nuclear power, I, too, don't want the specter of another nuclear disaster in this world. Any radiation leak is no good, and based on the description of the amount of necessary remodeling work, I cannot imagine the work being accomplished without any leakage.


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