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Regarding Steve Lowery's piece on Congressman Christopher Cox [“He's Got Gas,” Feb. 25]: sounds as if Steve has found the ultimate Cox inhibitor: the truth! A good antidote to the “Coxaflopin” excreted by this dishonorable representative.

Michael Gorfain
Huntington Beach

Chris Cox, with a touch of rouge on his cheeks, shows all the insecurity of a politician spinning in the wind.

Donald Nyre
Newport Beach


I enjoyed your little piece on Johnny Cash, and I want to give you input from someone who was actually in the audience at San Quentin [Ryan Leach's “We Saw the Truth That Day,” Feb. 25]. It was my father, William Eugene Moore Jr., who was serving two 10-to-life terms for first-degree murder. He hates Johnny Cash, claims he “got religion” and made a career for himself touting how he turned himself around from being a “hardened criminal.” His actual criminal activity and subsequent jail time resulted from dabbling in amphetamines and serving 90 days in a county lockup—not hard time by anyone's standards. His self-righteous Bible thumping didn't impress anyone at San Quentin, and it kind of reminds me of another lying, Bible-thumping bastard who is not an entertainer but is a big joke. By the way, my father is out of jail and has lived a clean life ever since, without Bible thumping.

Bud Moore
via e-mail


If Cornel Bonca wants to write a glowing obit of Arthur Miller, then let him do so without comparing him to another great man who happened to die around the same time [“Strange, Terrible Sagas,” Feb. 25]. Cornel is not fit to lick Hunter S. Thompson's boots. In the words of the Good Doctor: “Don't write, Cornel; you'll bring shame on your family.”

Marc Oz
via e-mail

Thank you very much for your excellent comparative piece on the careers of Arthur Miller and Hunter S. Thompson. You have out-fucking-rageously good critical talent!

Harleigh Kyson Jr.
Long Beach


Okay, Lester Allen Yocum must have written the letter in response to R. Scott Moxley's “Our Only Bond” [Letters, Feb. 18]. He is the only person who could have read that article and come away with any kind of rationalization for molesting his own daughter. I am going to go vomit now.

Erin Baum
via e-mail

R. Scott Moxley's personal bitterness toward defendant Greg Haidl seems out of control. Why does Moxley venomously attack Haidl, his defense attorneys, Sheriff Mike Carona and anyone who doesn't share his bloodthirst for Haidl's prosecution? Is the “Jane Doe” plaintiff Moxley's sister or something? Jane just wanted to screw everyone on campus; don't blame Haidl for that. Stop calling her “Jane Doe,” too; spill the real name. It's unfair to smear the defendant's name but protect the accuser's. Maybe we can arrange a cage fight at Soboba casino after the trial between Moxley and Haidl; would love to see Haidl kick his ass.

No name given
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Theeditor responds: Apparently, you don't read the Letters page too often. If you did, it would be plain to you that Moxley's pieces regarding Haidl are positively measured and virtually sympathetic compared to the vicious missives we get from an angry public not only across America, but also around the world. We have had to tone down and flat out expunge some letters because of the viciousness with which they fantasize about the prison justice/love that awaits your hero. As for giving Jane Doe's name, it's hard to take your argument seriously when you don't have the guts to give your own.


You forgot the other two worst things about transportation: carpool lanes and metered on-ramps [“Next Stop: Immobility,” Feb. 18]. Carpool lanes are underutilized and could move twice as many vehicles if they were not exclusive for soccer moms, et al. When you can use them, they're still useless because you can't change lanes and you invariably get stuck behind some granny going 50 mph, but you can't cross the double yellow line to get around her for the next three miles unless you want a $320 ticket. Metered on-ramps are equally stupid. Traffic lights were invented to prevent collisions at intersections, not to arbitrarily delay vehicles and create artificial jams. Of course, the preferred soccer-mom carpoolers usually are exempt from this useless delay, which serves no purpose for anybody.

A. Scherf
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Oh, Jim Washburn, get over it with rants like “This Inauguration Doesn't Augur Well” [Lost in OC, Jan. 21]. Your credibility as a disciplined journalist does not augur well. Sadly, weekly publications have become a public soapbox for every “tin hat” conspiracy theorist and character assassin. We have the freedom to pretty much say whatever we want; but in rants such as yours, you have not come to entertain or enlighten, but rather to bore with self-indulgent rhetoric void of any intent for the betterment of the reader. This need of reporters to rant has put an ugly face on journalism. So thank God for C-SPAN and some healthy discussions between liberals, conservatives and tin-foil folks on FOX.

R. DesRoches


Being a huge fan of Lus Buuel and the producer of the recently released UnChienAndalouDVD, I thoroughly enjoyed Gustavo Arellano's review of UnChienAndalou[“Cinema Absurdo,” Feb. 4]. His love of the film is obvious.

Bill Fernandez
President, Transflux Films
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