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I am a Christian, and after reading through Gustavo Arellano's “Jesus Kills” [Feb. 24], I was so disappointed! I have only one thing to say to you and the rest of the readers of your newspaper: I'm sorry. I'm not sorry you're going to hell (you probably deserve it, like I do) or that you don't get Christianity (it's your eternity, and you get to choose how you want to spend it). What I'm sorry for are those people with whom you had to spend time. I'm apologizing on behalf of them.

Most groups dislike having their fringe highlighted, and Christianity is no exception. I know we've got our creepy far-left and -right nuts who want to take things out of context or put the Truth into their context (nipping and tucking as necessary). I'm just sorry you had to see it. Missler, Vardiman, Hovind and their like are Christianity's little, dark secret. They are the dumb cousins we don't invite to dinner when we have guests. But I do ask that we have mercy on those who are led astray by people they trust. We know that when we don't have time to do the research or get the knowledge ourselves, we rely on those we think already did the research or have the knowledge. Most of the Christians in your article, especially Bob and Tattooed Thirtysomething, don't know any better. I guess that's not an excuse, but I'm hoping it could be a plea for love and mercy.
Scott Asher
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Hovind says, “A straight line runs from Darwin to the extermination camps. I don't think you understand what happened to the Jews until you understand evolution.” As a schlemiely Jew, I've often felt the need to apologize for such “bad Jews” as mass-murder-enabler Marx and pervert Freud. Now it turns out, I need to apologize for Darwin as well. Turns out he was Jewish. Although we were taught in school he sailed to the Galapagos Islands on the Beagle, this is a mistake: it was, as recent research has discovered, the Bagel. Of course, evolutionists refuse to admit their mistakes and won't change the textbooks, so this error will continue to be propagated.
Mike Kelman
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The outrageously insulting cover title “JESUS KILLS” captures the attention OC Weeklywishes to capture. The trouble is it's completely inaccurate. Nowhere in the article did I find any reference to Jesus killing anybody.
Dr. Intellectual
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What a bunch of kooks, huh? At least it would seem so to someone who does not have knowledge of the Scriptures or does not believe it is the word of GOD. . . . end times . . . the Bible tells us . . . angels . . . Christ . . . over 100 prophecies fulfilled . . . old testament . . . 30 pcs of silver . . . turned out to be Joseph of Arimathea . . . physical and historical evidence . . . Roman historian Seutonius . . . miracles . . . Roman guards . . . Christ said . . . he is the truth . . . accept or reject Christ . . . my Father who art in heaven . . . you will suffer eternally in torment . . . weeping N gnashing . . . sinners . . . death . . . transgressions . . . (sins) . . . blood . . . cross . . . die . . . judgment . . . life after death . . . ?stand in front of God . . . (The White Throne Judgment) . . . .

My hope is that you at least consider what I have expressed here. I welcome any feedback you may have.
Carlos Ortiz
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Feb. 24's Hole-In-the-Wall Life, regarding Katie McGuire's Pie N Bake Shoppe, ends with the sentence: “Oh, and the rhubarb pie, the acrid root whose continued appearance in bakeries remains the biggest American conspiracy since the moon landing.” Let me enumerate the things wrong with this, in increasing order of wrongness: (1) Grammar: by the grammar, “root” refers to “pie.” Wrong. (2) While the rhubarb plant, as plants are wont to do, does feature a root, it isn't the root that is used in pie, but the stalks. How is it possible for your food critic to be unaware of this? (3) “Acrid”??? Rhubarb is utterly delightful. Mr. Arellano should be banned from all pie shops for this insult.
Aline Lurie
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The March 10 contents page reported that Ella Taylor reviewed the film Ask the Dust. As those who read the story in our film section know, Scott Foundas wrote the review. In “Dr. Jihad” [March 3], Gustavo Arellano reported that, in 2002, the conservative website WorldNetDaily published a fund-raising plea on behalf of self-proclaimed Islam expert Robert Morey's Research and Education Foundation. Actually, the site was ConservativeHQ.com. We regret the error. But we regret more that anyone raises money for Morey.

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