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We could trade the piped-in water from the Yukon for Mexico's crude oil [Commie Girl, May 5]. That way I could drive my big diesel truck for cheaper and we could blame global warming on the Mexicans: it's their gas. Would we have to officially make Canada a 51st state? Or just cheat them out of their water?

Oh, and we will have to wait a little longer to stop French-bashing since that is what the Mexican 5th of May was all about.
Greg the Fireman
Hermosa Beach

I go to Mater Dei, and I am graduating in less than a month . . . I am wondering as to why you write this article [“Hardwood Babylon,” April 28] a decade after the scandal occurred?
Danielle McKellop
Via e-mail

As a 1972 graduate of Mater Dei High School, I have to commend you on your article about the pedophiles who have prowled the halls of my alma mater. Mater Dei is a good school, and I had a very positive experience there, but it bothers me that creeps such as these have been in positions of trust over the years.

I knew at least a couple of these jackasses who, years later, were exposed for what they did, although I am glad to say that I never was subjected to their behavior or was aware at the time of what they were doing. One of them, who I don't think was mentioned in your story, was dean of boys John Merino, who was present during my four years at MDHS. Although he never strangely approached me or anyone that I knew of, he was a rude, arrogant and unreasonable SOB. It was only in the past couple of years that his perverted side was reported in the press.

Please keep up the good work to improve the accountability of the system, bring about justice and purge such people from places where they can work with kids. Mater Dei and its students deserve better than these idiots, and if it takes press coverage to get the attention of those in charge, then so be it.
“MDHS Class of 1972”
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Really enjoyed your answer on English proficiency and your citing of the Dillingham Commission report [Ask a Mexican, April 28]. As the descendant of those named in the report (I'm Hungarian, a group named by Henry Cabot Lodge Sr. as unfit for American citizenship), I rejoice at our climb from menace status. I also remember. My great-grandfather is still at the bottom of a collapsed mine. He was working for lousy wages and sending money back to the “old country.” When my folks came over, their teeth and bodies were examined like animals to see if they were suited to do work no one else wanted to do. Sounds familiar to me.

Mexico is losing some of its best workers to the U.S., and we should be happy to have them. Of course, we're so bad at history and other subjects, lots of us don't know that we've been here before, so we'll have to learn the lessons once again.
Magyar Thug (Denis Arvay)
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I just don't see why you and the rest of “your people” (I guess I'm not your people) are so upset with some positive illegal alien reform [pretty much every Gustavo Arellano article ever]. I mean, we have laws on the books about this that cannot be enforced because every time someone just hints of racial separation they get sued. I'm not a “hick,” as you so rudely called someone that asked a question. Maybe you need to step back and see what some of us are going through. I am not your Anglo or whatever racial and biased name you want to use. Have you ever thought that not all “whites” have the same heritage (and we don't all look the same either)? I am a European-Native-American. That's my heritage. Don't make fun of it. I'll sue. And I'll come over and protest. Are you seeing my point? You really haven't seen what little resources a white person has now because everyone is trying to give preference to others. Right now I am the minority race in California (according to the last census), but you don't see me trying to gain what blacks and Mexicans have been getting for decades.

With these protests it just strengthens the fact (in the white person's eyes) that all those protesting are probably illegal. That's why they are all pissed off. I just see more and more of equal rights in the favor of everyone EXCEPT whites. I have lived at both ends of California and also worked for the California Dept. of Corrections, so I have been around all different races. I just wanted to voice my thoughts and hoped you were enlightened by something I said. Thanks and good luck with your goals. My goals are working to save every adoptable pet so there are no more homeless pets. I run a website that helps local shelters. It is at www.PetCrusader.com.
Justin S.
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This e-mail pertains to Chris Ziegler's article about the Look Daggers [“Before You Say No,” May 12]. There were a few musicians you did not list in your article about the Look Daggers: 1) me, Sean Otero. I played bass on “Before You Say No” and on about five other tracks. I'm also playing bass for the Look Daggers' live appearances . . . you know, since I helped write the musical content on 2Mex's album. 2) Marshal Goodman played drums on the majority of the tracks. 3) Nick Sanchez played guitar on the tracks, too. We are all musicians working to get by, and all we ask for is some credit. Thanks.
Sean Otero
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