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SteLow: Your “Diary of a Mad County” from Dec. 1 is some funny-ass shit. I actually was laughing out loud. Keep on writing.
From G.G. next to the L.B.C. by way of the O.C.

I don't know who my most favored favorite columnist is at the OC Weekly, Steve or Gustavo. All I know is the first link I click on the website every Thursday is one of the two. (I read the Weekly online so I don't have to wade through all those depressing plastic surgery ads, though I do appreciate that you guys started stapling the paper.) Steve is wicked funny. When I read him and Gustavo I always laugh while getting the point (which I think is the best way to get any point across!). Thank you for your excellent writing. The only flaws I see with your columns are that they're too short.
Via e-mail

Say what you will about your article but I have had “yellow fever” for 15 years [Vickie Chang's “Yellow Fever,” Nov. 3]. I'm extremely attracted to Asian women, especially Asian-American women, and have dated several. I do not believe it is a submissive attraction, as the Asian Americans I have dated have very strong personalities. I think they are just physically more attractive to me. I have heard the same from many of my peers. Regardless, I have found that Asian-American women do enjoy dating Caucasian men and I for one hope that doesn't change.
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As a native of Baton Rouge, it always breaks my heart to hear updates from my family and read stories in the media about New Orleans [Will Swaim's “Three Steps to Nowhere,” Oct. 13]. But I wanted to compliment you on your story. It was beautiful and it really touched me. My husband and I had been hoping to move to New Orleans since the storm, because we love the city so much and thought that we could help to revive at least the economy with the purchase of a home, etc. However, our careers and family situation are keeping us in Southern California for at least the next few years. Anyway, I just want to tell you thank you for the story. I am not sure if we will ever make the move to New Orleans, but the city and the people are always in our thoughts.
Julie Smith
Via e-mail

After reading Gustavo Arellano's “Ask A Mexican” from Oct. 13, I have to tell you that I'm not surprised that a Cuban stole your column idea. It's typical of those cabrones to behave in that manner. The Cubans who went to Puerto Rico before going on to Florida did the same. Those that stayed, they control practically all the local businesses. There's a joke in Puerto Rico that says the only reason that Hitler ordered that the Jews be killed is because he didn't know Cubans existed. Continue entertaining the masses and educating the ignorant!
Translated from the original espaol
Via e-mail

The title of Will Swaim's article was the first clue to the intellectual depth of its author [Will Swaim's “Lyndon LaDouche,” Nov. 24]. Making fun of someone's family name is right up there with other sixth-grade hijinks like giving wedgies and starting food fights in the cafeteria. Clearly, Swaim is less concerned with the OC Weekly's “reputation” than with protecting the virgin ears and minds of college students. Thus, the article's main purpose is consistent with the goals of Lynne Cheney's American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) and its fellow turds Campus Watch and jihadwatch.org. That purpose is to control and contain political discussion on campuses to prevent a true student movement against the Iraq war, the coming Iran war and the rise of red, white and blue fascism. As for the speaking event at UCI, Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute is one of the choir singers, along with David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes, who are trying to whip up the first religious war the world has seen in over 500 years. Their anti-Muslim ranting carries the same tone as Hitler's incendiary speeches against Jews. Even Bill O'Reilly can wrap his little brain around that. In an interview on his show, Brook stated, “I would like to see the United States turn Fallujah into dust; and tell the Iraqis that if you are going to continue to support the insurgents, you will not have homes, not have mosques.” To which O'Reilly replied, “But then we'd be Nazis! That's what the Nazis did.” And speaking of cults, what is the Ayn Rand Institute? It is an organization dedicated to the writings of a dead woman who glorified captains of industry as defenders of liberty. Rand loved the concepts behind Mussolini's and Hitler's corporatist fascism so she cast her characters as unappreciated heroes who were working for the common good by pulling the plug on modern technology. Sort of what Ken Lay and his pals did to California. A few years back, two LaRouche organizers rode with me to the state Democratic Party convention in Sacramento. What I heard on that trip from those young men sounded a lot like the Freedom Riders in the 1960s. They have dedicated their lives and futures to the same principles of human dignity that Dr. Martin Luther King was fighting for. They probably don't have much use for the 10 pages of smut and perversion at the back of every OC Weekly, and neither do I.
Art Hoffmann
Past Chair, 69th Assembly District Committee
California Democratic Party

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