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It's such a shame that so many people of Mexican heritage made so many contributions to our history and yet so few were acknowledged. Thank you for the story of Tio Emilio [Gustavo Arellano's Feb. 1 article, “The Naranjero Blues“]. He was a quiet, soft-spoken man who became very vocal when it came time to defend his rights, his beliefs and his people.

Rebecca Esparza

The following letters are in response to Derek Olson's Jan. 18 article, “The Tale of No Tape,” about what happened after a man tried to videotape a police traffic stop, only to have the cops erase his footage.

I could not help but be disgusted at the way the Orange County police treated Naui Huitzilopochtli. I think they obviously had something to hide if they got so aggressive over a little video camera. They had no right to humiliate him the way they did. After I read your article, I watched some of his videos on YouTube, and he does not seem like an instigator of any sort. He seems to be a very intelligent, peaceful guy. I noticed in one of his videos that the Minutemen call him several bad words and use racial slurs while he keeps his cool. I honestly respect Huitzilopochtli for not losing his composure. I would not be able to take the abuse that those racist Minutemen show toward him. From what I read in your article, and after I watched his videos on YouTube, it seems to me that Huitzilopochtli is doing his part as a responsible activist. That is more than all those Minutemen can say for themselves. He has some very compelling videos, and I think the police just targeted him because of his camera.

One thing is for certain: I have gained a lot of respect for Huitzilopochtli. It takes a lot to go out by himself and get involved in all that he does. I know that so many people would love to speak their minds but are afraid to do so because they can be targeted the way Huitzilopochtli is by the Minutemen and now the police. I think we should all be a little more like him. I hope this letter will show a little of my support for all he does.

Luisa Hernandez
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The Tale of No Tape” is a thoughtful article that urges its readers to assert their own constitutional rights versus the bullying swine clad in blue uniforms. The officers who harassed Naui Huitzilopochtli appear to have a bit of the ol' “above the law” mentality instilled in them—blatantly debasing an American citizen with no fear for reprimand.

When a subsequent (and laughable) investigation is demanded of the police officers, they lie! Case in point: the “accidental” erasure of the video footage. It takes three buttons pushed in a specific sequence to delete any file from this particular camera as seen in the photo (my colleague has the very same one).

Furthermore, ponder this hypothetical situation: If the detainees named a pinstripe-suited businessman standing next to Huitzilopochtli sans a video camera as an accomplice, would the police officers have reacted similarly? Stripping him of his dignity and apparel and ridiculing him when he asserts his rights as an American? I think not!

Upon writing this letter, I will undoubtedly be written off as just another heavily biased liberal nut of a reader-turned-writer. I am inclined to ask that my fellow readers consider the fact that the aforementioned events were not told by the victim, but by Garden Grove Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Todd Elgin on behalf of the police officers in question.

After the initial onslaught of outrage upon reading this article, I feel emboldened. Should circumstance demand it, I will assert my rights just as Huitzilopochtli did.

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The following letters concern R. Scott Moxley's coverage of indicted former Sheriff Mike Carona.

Don't y'all just love the life of a public servant!?

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I do not know Mike Carona, nor do I know [Acting Sheriff] Jack Anderson. I do not know if Carona is innocent or guilty. I do know he was indicted in part for making poor decisions. Yet he has the ability to handpick a successor who, according to an article, is a “Carona loyalist.” Ridiculous. My confidence is not elevated when I also read Anderson is connected with the Republican Party's governing Central Committee. This is coupled with the fact Carona fired Dan Martini (whom I do not know) while “going out the door.” Highly suspicious in my opinion. By the way, I am a Republican who is tired of and embarrassed by the elitist attitude taken by some of the party's hierarchy.

J. Lowe


R. Scott Moxley needs to be fired. He is an unethical writer! He uses comedy in some of the most serious articles. For example, when writing about court cases and the accused and their families, he need not be so nasty and cruel. He should think of the families and friends of the accused who read these articles; they really do know the “good side” of these people and really do care about them and will stick up for them and defend them, even if they know they've done wrong.

Instead of bringing down the families and friends of the “accused,” who are already devastated by what's happened, have more of an indifferent opinion. In short, don't be such a dick!

Jane Doe
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Gustavo Arellano's “The Renaissance Blob” (Jan. 11) didn't sit well with this reader.

Right out of the gate, you have to make it a racial thing. Stop with the pity-party, poor-Mexicans concept. I am so tired of pity-party planners that have to make everything about race, given all the programs for “Mexicans” and others that offer opportunities. Stop your crying and count your blessings! With all the crying and “poor me,” wasting time and energy, you'd think the focus would be more toward benefits for ALL the people of Santa Ana, rather than making it a “poor Mexican” scenario. When I was young, all of Santa Ana downtown was black. Things changed when they adapted and changed with the city. They did not accuse anybody of driving out the poor black man.

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My father owns Paul's Deli. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the write-up you gave us in the Jan. 4 issue. It is great to see that even after almost 30 years of business, we are still generating some ink.

However, there are a few things that Gustavo Arellano got wrong about our little place. First of all, Mansour Mehdizadeh is not the owner; he is Paul's (the owner) older brother, who was a former wrestler, not a boxer. Also, the website he had listed is outdated. Our new website is www.pauls-deli.com.

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