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The following letter regards Nick Schou's Jan. 18 feature, “Dammit, Janet!

I read your very interesting article. I wish that it could inspire some sympathy for her with me, but unfortunately, it doesn't. I've known for a few years now that our esteemed Sheriff Michael Carona was dirty. When all the rumors and innuendoes were made public, I e-mailed each supervisor requesting they make concerted inquiries into the rumors and charges. Later, after the sheriff was indicted, I again e-mailed the supervisors a number of times expressing my concerns for the sheriff's department and Orange County citizens. The males on the board all responded to my e-mails, some a number of times. As elected officials, perhaps the two women were too busy to respond to comments from voters. All I can say regarding Supervisors Janet Nguyen and Pat Bates is that they are rude, discourteous and unprofessional, and they didn't take care of my business. As a woman, I was embarrassed by their arrogance.

M. Kellen
via e-mail

The following letters were sent in response to Derek Olson's Jan. 18 article, “The Tale of No Tape,” about Garden Grove police erasing video footage shot by Minuteman-watcher Naui Huitzilopochtli on his digital camera.

If all the cop did was erase the video from Naui's camera, then the file is probably recoverable unless the memory card has been reused. Perhaps it isn't lost after all.

Stuart MacMillan
via e-mail

Cops and Minutemen hate to be videotaped. So I have no doubt in my mind and heart that they would violate the rights of an everyday citizen. Police officers think they are above the law. I hope Naui goes back and files a complaint against those officers. The cop that erased his footage shouldn't even have been holding his camera in the first place, much less pressing buttons if he didn't know how to use it! Straight-up police aggression. To serve and protect isn't meant for me—at least, that's the image I get from all that it is I see!

Filming is no reason to be man-handled like Naui has been! It reminds you how un-free you really are in America.

Deniz L.
via e-mail

How entertaining to see an article regarding a sleazy plastic surgeon [Daffodil J. Altan's Jan. 11 feature, “Under Wraps“] surrounded by ads for plastic surgery. I'm sure, being the ethical newspaper you are, that your editorial and advertising groups are separate, but maybe it would have proved useful to use some tact in the placement for this article.

Daniel Schoonover
via e-mail

The following letter is inquiring about Hobey Echlin, based on his Jan. 4 article, “Accidents Will Rappin'.”

What high-school paper did this kid get snatched from?

Big Eddy
via e-mail

I read with interest the article “The Gilchristification of OC” in the March 30, 2006, issue of the OC Weekly. Gustavo Arellano is basically demonizing Jim Gilchrist by blaming him and his nonviolent organization the Minutemen (not to mention the John and Ken Show on KFI) for the actions of the OC police during the school “walk-out.” As typical of Gustavo's approach, he invokes issues from the distant past (1936 and 1978), to justify his claims. So, I am curious: Where was Gilchrist in 1936 and 1978? I can't see the connection there. The same can be said for The John and Ken Show. If Gustavo's point was that Gilchrist and The John and Ken Show have pointed out what illegal immigration has done to this country, then he is correct: They have done just that. The picture atached to the article underscores my point. “Viva Mexico” is very prominent in that picture. Nowhere in any reporting that I am aware of was there any indication by the protesters of their gratefulness to America for all the free things that they have received while here. No, it was all “Viva Mexico” and “Viva La Raza.” None of this, however, has anything to do with the actions of the police.

Up to this point, I did not take a particularly strong stance on illegal immigration, but now I will not rest until every illegal alien is returned to their home country; the hiring of illegals is criminalized; and groups like MEChA, La Raza, Aztlan (La Voz de Aztlan) and others are exposed for what they are: racist organizations. I do not support the building of a fence [along the Mexican/American border], but I do support taking away the magnet and the racist support groups.

As to the alleged police brutality implied in Gustavo's article, the reason for any police misconduct is that bad police are rarely brought down and punished for their actions unless they happen to be videotaped, and even then, they are often not punished. 

The police must be punished for their wrongdoings, and they typically are not. I have a lot to say on the police issue, but now is not the time.

Mark Nelson
via e-mail

I hope that one day I don't have to look at wildlife. Our kids shouldn't be subjected to that filth. I want there to concrete everywhere (and some asphalt here and there). I love concrete so much I even have a picture of a toll road on my computer background and screen saver! Sometimes, when I am stressed, I go and stand on the shoulder of a toll road and smell the fumes—I mean, fresh air.

I can't wait until the U.S. is finally run by a corporation. As a matter of fact, the Republic of Starbucks has a fine ring to it. Corporations really should be making all of our decisions for us. I don't know what I want, and I need corporate “analysts” to study my behavior and determine what is best for me. I am just a stupid sheep, and although I think my voice or vote really counts, it is nothing compared to the millions of dollars corporations put into lobbyist pockets to buy—I mean, persuade—them.

So, please Transportation Corridor Agencies, I think that I want to enjoy the last healthy surf break in the 600 miles of SoCal coastline, but I am stupid and I need you to pay big money to make me realize that rain run-off from a toll road won't increase bacteria levels at Trestles. Being sick is just my body's natural way of going on a crash—I mean, “cleanse”—diet, right? And we all know that when you are skinny, you are healthy (the fashion industry has taught all the women in SoCal that is true).

In closing, to all of you stupid people out there, listen to the slick-suited PR firm that the TCA hires to tell us what we want.

Jonathan Mattson
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