Let's Talk About Boobs

Breasts are the most mesmerizing fat deposits on the human body and we're pretty sure they have dogs beat in terms of being 'man's best friend'. They're soft; defy gravity (for awhile, at least); and some even help their owners earn a living. What's not to love about boobs?

Through campaigns like 'Save the Boobies' and 'Save the Ta-tas', breasts have never been such a mainstream topic. We're all for supporting breast cancer research and education, but that phase when tweens wore 'Save the Boobies' bracelets and tee shirts a few years ago made us feel a bit uncomfortable. Not because the word 'boobie' was everywhere, but because the breast cancer awareness industry seems just shady as the corporations who are for 'fighting for a cure', instead of reducing known carcinogens their products.

Manufacturers create pink products in support of breast cancer awareness, but if the product is made of plastic, it most likely contains BPA, a known carcinogen that mimics estrogen. (See the horrible irony there?) And remember the study where writer Florence Williams tested her own breast milk and found trace amounts of pesticides, dioxin and a jet fuel ingredient, as well as high to average levels of flame retardants? We live in a highly carcinogenic world.

But we digress. Let's read about what famous musicians have to say about their cans… and then start lobbying against chemical corporations.

–Katy Perry quotation (above) via Elle Magazine, 2011.


–via Personal Statement made by Anastacia.

–via contactmusic.com.

–via foofightersquotes.tumblr.com

–via Capital FM.

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