Let's Roll

Whoa, all you little people missed one helluva Newport Beach Film Festival opening-night celebration Thursday night. After hanging out with the hangers-on at the premiere bash for Miranda—the story of a slippery con woman played by indie film goddess Christina Ricci—it was off with Miss Ricci on our arm to sip champagne outta her tiny pump at the top-secret, ultra-exclusive, post-post-post party, which was at . . . uh . . . that place that's . . . you know . . . next to the building by the . . . er . . . oh, hell. We've never met Miss Ricci, although we're very intimate with a pump that once belonged to her (don't ask). We made up the other shit to sound like a player as we introduced Part II of our coverage of the festival, which rolls through Thursday, April 10. For Greg Stacy's takes on all the screenings—plus our staff reviews and interviews from last week and this issue—visit www.ocweekly.com. Check out the festival's site at www.newportbeachfilmfest.comor call (949) 253-2880.

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