Lemmy's Rockstar Life, in Illustrated Form

Motörhead is set to rock Coachella this year. We're glad that legendary badass Lemmy Kilmister is feeling healthy after “paying for the good times” (his words) by being diagnosed with haematoma and heart problems last year.

The real question is: will Motörhead's presence prompt Coachella hipsters to wear black leather shorts and crop tops instead of willowly Aztec-inspired desert frocks? And more importantly: does this mean Dave Grohl will attend to support his pal Lemmy? We're hoping for the latter.

Here's life according to Lemmy…

Illustrated quotation above via rockhall.com.


–via spin.com

–via rollingstone.com

–via an interview by David L. Wilson

–via an interview by David L. Wilson

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