Latina America 50 Best Restaurant, Manzanilla, Hosts Some of the Best Chefs in Latin America this Saturday, March 28

Let me first say that Tijuana Sí! is back after a long break, mostly due to a busy schedule, and back with a big event announcement this weekend at Ensenada's Manzanilla by Latin America 50 Best chef, Benito Molina. A huge injustice happened last year when putting together the first ever San Pellegrino list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America–one of the founders of Modern Mexican cuisine, and one of the most respected chefs in Mexico was slighted, but in the Fall of 2014 in Lima, Peru, Manzanilla was finally placed where it belongs, among the best restaurants in Latin America.


Fresh off a world tour to promote the Latin 50 Best, Molina is back in town this weekend to host Latinoamérica en Manzanilla, an all star Latin American chef dinner on Saturday, March 28, 8p.m. at Manzanilla in Ensenada. The dinner, which costs a mere $1,600.00 MXP (about $105.00 USD at the current and favorable exchange rate) features chefs Misha Moliviatis (7 Caldos, Guatemala City); Martin Molteni (Pura Tierra, Buenos Aires); Leandro Cristobal Lele (Cafe San Juan, Buenos Aires); Jorge Rauson (Criterion, Bogota), Argentine mixologist Tato Giovannoni, and the host chefs, husband and wife team, Benito Molina and Solange Muris of Manzanilla. There has not been an event like this as long as I can remember, showcasing the world's best chefs from Mexico, South America and Central America.

In addition to Manzanilla, Criterion and Pura Tierra are on the Latin America 50 Best list, and the other chefs at this event have been overlooked by the S. Pelligrino nominators, especially Moliviatis, as there have never been any nominations of restaurants based in Central America. The dinner includes a wine pairing and a huge opportunity for stateside food lovers to get a glimpse of what's current in the Latin American chef world, and in Latin American cuisine, the hottest food scene on the planet.

Latinoamérica en Mazanilla, Saturday March 28, 8p.m. @ Manzanilla, Recinto Portuario, Teniente Azueta 139, Ensenada, $1600.00 MXP ($105.00 USD), for reservations call 011-52-646-175-7073 or email: ma*******************@gm***.com,

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