Last Night: Coheed and Cambria at the Fox Theater in Pomona

The Hype: After a successful slot on the main stage at Coachella, Coheed and Cambria returned to Pomona for a full set in support of their latest album, Year of The Black Rainbow. The line wrapped around the sold-out Fox Theater in Pomona was dotted with kids in their black Coheed & Cambria t-shirts, while anxious fans without tickets begged for extras. I hope they found extra tickets because they would have missed a juggernaut of a performance.

The Show: Chants of “Coheed! Coheed!” erupted from nowhere
when the lights lowered. A volcanic eruption of noise greater than that
Eyjafjallajokull erupted in the form of “The Broken” from Year of The
Black Rainbow.
One of the things that piqued my interest about
Coheed's new album was the fact it was produced by Atticus Ross (Nine
Inch Nails) and Joe Barressi (Tool). Their sonic crafting is evident
with the industrial noise feedback intro of “Here We Are Juggernaut” and
its odd-time bass line.
back to album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, “The Camper
Velourium III: Al The Killer” stimulated the crowd surfers (I got
kicked in head while in the photo pit). The galloping guitars of “World
of Lines” roared throughout as Claudio Sanchez screamed “Leave Us
Alone!” through his trademark mop of hair. “Made Out of Nothing (All
That I Am)” was anthemic with its slow chugging guitars and sing along
Crowd participation picked up as the
crowd sung out the “Whoa Oh Oh's” of “Three Evils” with its almost punk
metal guitar riffing. Slowing down things for a bit, “Pearl of The
Stars” brought out the lighters as Sanchez switched to acoustic guitar.
Chris Pennie was snapping his drum kit for “Time Consumer” which was
punctuated with Sanchez handling the guitar solo via his mouth.
and crowd surfing hit a critical mass during “No World for Tomorrow” as
security had their hands full with kids flying over the barricade. The
breakneck pace of “Guns of Summer” was intoxicating with its galloping
beat. The penultimate moment came during “In Keeping Secrets of Silent
Earth:3” with everyone in the building screaming “Man your
The encore consisted of the acoustic strewn
“Far” and the Rock Band approved “Welcome Home” which brought the house
While Coheed and Cambria fans are
notoriously known as a devoted bunch, Circa Survive had their own
contingent of fans while playing tunes from their latest album, Blue
Sky Noise
. Lead singer Anthony Green leapt into the crowd multiple
times and was soaked in sweat by the end of their set. The chants of
“One more song” at the conclusion of their set were soon overtaken by
“Coheed” chants. Torche pounded skulls and eardrums with a
bludgeoning set featuring a handful of gems from their stellar album, Meanderthal.
My only wish was that Torche had more time.

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