Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas from the Folks at Grants for Guns:

Air gun, air mattress, air pump, AMMO CAN, ammunition, bandanna, barbecue, batteries, beach chair, beach towel, beanie, BELT BUCKLE, beverage jug, binoculars, blanket (wool or fleece), bolo tie, book bag, books (Baja fishing, camping, shooting, hiking, cooking), boot jack, BULLET HOLES, call (bird, animal), camouflage clothing (men's and kids'), camp oven, camp stove, canopy, canteen, choke tubes, Christmas cards (leanin' tree), citronella candle, coffee pot, cot, creel, daypack, decoys, dial-a-spice, DIAPER COVER, dining canopy, dunk bag, EAR MUFFS, earthquake supplies, electric cooler, enamelware, eyeglasses, eyewear retainers, fanny pack, firearm, FIREPLACE, first-aid kit, fishing reel, FLANNEL SHIRT, flashlight, flask (plastic), fly-fishing tackle, freeze-dried food, fuel (propane, butane, kerosene), gaff, game bag, GLOBAL-POSITIONING SYSTEM, griddle, gun cabinet (special order), hammock, HANDCUFFS, hand warmer, hat pin, hat rack (for truck), HEADLAMP, headband (fleece), hearing protectors, “hip” boots, holster, hot-water heater, hydration pack, inflatable boat, king ring, license (Mexican fishing), MACHETE, military-surplus clothing, money belt, overalls, pepper spray and holder, pet strobe, popcorn popper, PORT-A-POTTY, rubber boots, saw, SHERIFF BADGE, shirt, slippers, smoker, snake-bite kit, socks, solar radio, shovel, speed loader, stool, stun gun, suspenders, table, target thrower and clay targets, tent, Teva all-terrain sandals, TURTLENECK, Uggs, underwear, vacuum bottle, water filter, WRANGLER JEANS.

The Grant Boys, 1750 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, (949) 645-3400;

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