Laguna Beach Openings: Moulin Bistro And Salerno By Chef Pirozzi

The only thing more exciting than a new dining option in Laguna is a second option. Fans of Moulin in Newport Beach and Alessandro Pirozzi can rejoice, as both brands are relishing in their gradual, beach city expansion. The two restaurants are even walking distance from each other! Where do we begin?

A storefront worthy of Gustavo's praises earlier this year, Laurent Vrignaud's Moulin Bistro took over the spot previously occupied by Scandia Bakery & Coffee Shop. They will be ready for business first thing Tuesday morning, serving their greatest hits. While the menu is a slightly condensed version of Newport (due to kitchen constraints), they more than make up for it with a few new additions coming soon.

For brekkie, request a made-to-order crepe or waffle. Lunch will introduce a hot dog utilizing pork sausage made in-house. At dinner, locals will covet the patio while sipping on French beer and wine. Your sweet tooth may also choose between a selection of ice cream crafted by Stephane Treand. Give Moulin's Chef Jeoffrey Offer a week or so to receive some much-needed equipment for their new selections. Moulin Bistro Laguna Beach is at 248 Forest Avenue.

Around the corner from Moulin, Salerno by Chef Pirozzi is forecasting an opening before Halloween. Polina's Salerno Restaurant shuttered its doors on June 30, allowing chef and restaurateur Alessandro Pirozzi to build upon his popular collection of concepts (Alessa, Mare and Pirozzi). Peering through the dark windows with our iPhone flashlight, the modest dining room gives off a cozy and intimate vibe. Featuring a pasta menu different from Alessa and Pirozzi, chef stated,¬†” . . .Mamma and Pappa Vittorio are here from Napoli to make sure menu and new pasta are made the 101% Napololetana way.” If it's anything like the mafaldine gamberi we consumed over the weekend at Pirozzi, we are waiting with bated breath. Salerno by Chef Pirozzi will be located at 220 Beach Street.

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