Lady Gaga is Orly Taitz? Old News, OC Register

Total Buzz, the Orange County Register's “insiders' hotline to politics in O.C.,” posted an item over the weekend with an insider tip from a Register photo editor saying that Laguna Niguel Obama-suer Orly Taitz looks, kinda, like pop diva Lady Gaga.

With the post, though, the SOROS-FUNDED reporter Martin Wisckol engaged in JOURNALISTIC MALPRACTICE by not addressing the fact that Taitz has already dealt with this Gaga accusation.

Back in February, someone sent Taitz this e-mail with a link to a Facebook group addressing this very topic:

And here's Taitz's eloquent response:

See? Taitz hasn't even heard “Bad Romance.” And that photo editor wasn't the first person to notice the resemblance. Prepare for a multi-state lawsuit with 136 military plaintiffs for DEFRAUDING THE PUBLIC and HATE CRIMES, Comrade Wisckol!!

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