LA Times' OC Printing Plant Resurrected Shortly After its Demise

After the Los Angeles Times faced a printing-press meltdown on Thursday night–resulting in copies of the Times and the OC Register being delivered way late and incomplete–LA Observed reports that the Times has quietly reopened the paper's old, very recently shuttered Costa Mesa¬†auxiliary¬†press plant.

Jobs are coming back to Orange County!

Longtime pressman-turned-blogger Ed Padgett: “No word how long the facility will be in operation at this time, but the Olympic Facility cannot handle the additional workload at this moment.”

He also reports that OC Press Operator Rick Hernandez was asked to cancel his vacation halfway through to return to work over the weekend.
And on Thursday, Padgett called for the Costa Mesa facility to be reopened. “With the shuttering of the Los Angeles Times Orange County Production Facility last Saturday the word heard throughout the downtown Los Angeles Production Facility from my colleagues has been 'What idiots decided to shutter the Orange County Plant?'”
Turns out that was a pretty good question.

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