Kris Shin Arrested After Officials Get DNA Hit From A Cigarette Butt He Left At The Fullerton Home He Burglarized

Take the goods and get out. Don't dilly-dally. And, definitely don't leave your DNA.

It seems, however, Kris Shin missed these tidbits of advice from the first day of Burglary 101. 
After breaking in to a Fullerton home in August, Shin stopped for a smoke break before he left. Sure, an addiction's an addiction, but dude, put the butt in your pocket or something, don't throw it on the floor. Or, if you don't want want to singe your pants, you could try those e-cigarettes that the creepers at the mall peddle.


According to a KTLA report, Shin supposedly took a couple of drags of the cigarette and then threw it on the bathroom floor before allegedly making off with laptops, $4,000 in cash and jewelry. 

Since the homeowners didn't smoke, the lingering smell was quite the hint and the officer investigating the burglary eventually found the cigarette in the bathroom and bagged the evidence. 
The cops took the cigarette to a lab and hoped for a DNA match. And, since he's had brush-ins with the cops in the past, Shin's name popped up in the system as a match. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and charged earlier this month, KTLA reports.

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