Kris Cass

Photo by Jeanne Rice>The Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette. Why? Because this was the album that got me to buy all their other stuff. The Damned are fucking good. It sickens me how still unappreciated they are.

>Devo, Are We Not Men?They brought songs like “Satisfaction” and “Secret Agent Man” to a new, tweaked-out low. Long live Devo!

>Iron Maiden, Killers. These guys were punk as fuck, even though they were hair-farming dirtbags—but so were the Ramones. They started going downhill after they lost Paul Diano.

>Crass, Penis Envy. The first time I heard Crass, I was weeded-out and listening to them on a Walkman. I immediately threw the headphones down because it sounded like straight-up devil music. But Crass will get you thinking—probably way too much.

>The Dickies, Incredible Shrinking Dickies. You can sing along with, have a good time with and just be a spaz to all the songs on this and the rest of their albums. The Dickies are/were so much better than a lot of bands then and now that they should be on VH1's Behind the Music. Maybe then they'll finally get respect.

>Dead Kennedys, Plastic Surgery Disasters. This album will scare the pickle juice out of most parents, and it's probably some of the best stuff the Dead Kennedys ever put out. Jello Biafra's lyrics were funny and harsh, and they pointed out shit I had never thought about before, like the real world going on around me. A real eye-opener.

>The Gears, Rockin' at Ground Zero. Early unsung heroes of the local punkabilly scene.

>The Buzzcocks, “Sixteen Again.” Nobody can touch the Buzzcocks' guitar style.

>Various Artists, Let Them Eat Jelly Beans. A damn fine compilation. Go get it, you losers!

>Subhumans, The Day the Country Died. Dick Lukas rules! Go get all their records now!

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