Kottonmouth Kings Jingle Bowls

The lovably oafish Kottonmouth Kings speak to your inner 12-year-old. What their songs lack in restrained musicianship or effete wordplay, they make up for with ska-punk-rap mashups so violent they sound like an exposed nerve ending. The group has never really been taken seriously by the music press, but their fans are staunchly loyal; even the tamer mosh pits at Kottonmouth Kings shows are a sight to behold. High Times, the weed-enthusing magazine that normally reserves ink for more respected artists like Peter Tosh, bestowed the Kings with their coveted “Band of the Year” prize a couple of years ago. Perhaps “Positive Vibes” and “Strange Daze” are best enjoyed on 4/20.

Fri., Dec. 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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