KC Tea–Thanks, Tech N9ne N Kutt Calhoun!

After a recent trip to Kansas City, Missouri, I think it's time to introduce Orange County to the phenomenon that is KC Tea. I mean, come on, the drink has its own Facebook page.

KC Tea is as simple and straightforward as the picture depicts: Hennessy, Sprite and lemon juice. Kansas City rappers Tech N9ne and Kutt Calhoun, call themselves the creators–but are they the first to mix up this concoction? Doubtful. Tech N9ne has, however, turned this drink into a song on his latest album, The Gates Mixed Plate. There's even a music video for “KC Tea,” with lyrics that are guaranteed to stay in your head all night long.

If the video doesn't convince you to pick up some Hennessy on your way home from work, maybe the tag line on the Facebook page will: “It's a drink you can sip on all night, get fucked up, and remember what you did the night before!” Feel free to test that one out. 

Note: Tech N9ne will be performing at 8 p.m. TONIGHT at The Grove of Anaheim, so you can get your fill of KC Tea–both the song and the drink.

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