Justin Bieber to Host MTV's 'Punk'd'?

MTV's got it right; the only thing that can bring that network back to life is a TV show with Justin Bieber in it, and reviving Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd from the dead with Bieber hosting it would be an awesome coup for the network.

It's been three years since Kutcher was on air with Punk'd, and the
network always wanted to revive the show, according to NY Magazine. If
all the details are worked out, Bieber will participate in a few of the
pranks then mostly introduce the show's segments. Kutcher will remain
as an executive producer of the new series via his Katalyst

The show was reportedly cancelled because the gags got lamer and
they couldn't prank interesting celebrities anymore; on the Internet's
one hot minute, there could be a YouTube celebrity on air every week!

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